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Love to cook? This SLO class teaches how to preserve food safely

Fermentation, canning and other forms of preservation are all the rage right now.

Preserving has gone artisanal with flavored vinegars, orange rhubarb chutney, roasted red pepper sauce and lemon ginger marmalade.

All of these foods have been featured in one or more Saturday workshops by UCCE Master Food Preservers. But we don’t just teach ways to make tasty treats; we also teach food safety.

If you do not know which foods can be safely canned in boiling water and which should be canned in a pressure cooker, you could end up in the hospital or worse.

Botulism from improperly canned potatoes killed one woman and sickened at least 20 more people in Lancaster, Ohio, in 2015. Such cases are relatively common.

In 2018, UCCE Master Food Preservers are teaching a 13-week course on how to safely dehydrate, freeze, steam, boiling-water can and pressure-can foods from jellies and pickled beans to tuna and beef jerky. The course starts on July 31 and ends on Oct. 23.

Not only will this class give you food safety knowledge you can share with your family and friends, but you can also volunteer at our many events we hold to teach the community how to preserve safely.

We have booths at farmers markets, teach mini classes at Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County locations and hold Saturday workshops at our office in San Luis Obispo.

Interested? Contact UCCE Master Food Preserver program coordinator Dayna Ravalin at 805-781-5944 or Registration for the class ends Wednesday, May 30.

For more information, visit There, you can download our monthly newsletter, browse recipes and learn about our upcoming workshops.

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