The average U.S. wedding costs over $30,000. In California, it's way more than that

A couple gets married on Central Beach in Coronado, California.
A couple gets married on Central Beach in Coronado, California. Detroit Free Press

What does the average California wedding have in common with a small luxury car? Both will cost about $40,000.

That's the finding of The Knot's survey of average wedding costs in cities across the United States for 2017. The survey found that weddings in Los Angeles ($44,142) and San Francisco ($39,329) cost well above the national average of $33,391, though they are still substantially cheaper than the average Manhattan wedding, which clocks in at $76,944.

For context: At $76,000, you could get a new Tesla Model S.

Couples looking for a low-cost wedding that still comes with the bells and whistles might want to consider Utah ($18,516), Montana ($20,814) or Idaho ($21,987). (For that, you could buy a new small, affordable car.)

And who is paying for all this? According to the survey, 44.5 percent (on average) comes from the bride's parents; 41.1 percent is paid for by the bride and groom; and 12.7 percent is from the groom's parents.

The Knot polled more than 13,000 couples to collect data, which found that couples are spending less on weddings overall but more on the guests who attend them.

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