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Cambrians have a new chance to protest water and sewer rate hikes

Cambria’s Sustainable Water Facility.
Cambria’s Sustainable Water Facility.

Cambrians now have a different opportunity to comment on, support or protest proposed increases in the cost of sewer service and getting water to the tap.

The Cambria Community Services District has revised its “Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Increases to Water, Sustainable Water Facility and Sewer Rates.” There were problems with the original process and notices mailed out in July, so the district redrafted them and did another mailing. The deadline to file protests or other statements about the proposal is at the public hearing on Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St.

District officials say that protests received before Aug. 17 will not be counted. People who had already submitted them should do so again. The new version of the notice was to be mailed to ratepayers and property owners on Aug. 17, the same day that the district posted the document on the website,

An official protest form also was posted on the website. If 50 percent or more of those eligible to do so file written protests, the rates cannot go into effect.

Both documents are available in English and Spanish. After some in the community had trouble finding the new document on the website, staff added new links to it, including on the homepage. A direct link to the documents is

The notice estimates that, if new rates go into effect Nov. 1, bimonthly bills for the “average” single-family residence that uses 6 units of water every two months (or about 75 gallons a day) would increase to $211.30, from the current bill of $180.65.

Use more water in a billing period, and rates per unit go up.

Rates listed in the notice are the maximum that the district can charge during this five-year period. However, the board could opt to lower the rates if costs prove to not be as high as projected by figures provided to the consultant by CCSD staff.