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Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch in Los Osos makes breakfast better

A batch of Walnut Currant, one of the newer flavors offered by Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch, awaits packaging.
A batch of Walnut Currant, one of the newer flavors offered by Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch, awaits packaging. Special to The Tribune

Whether you want to punch up your breakfast or have a nutritious snack option throughout the day, Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch can fit the bill.

While studying business at the University of Puget Sound, Los Osos native Sean Swift realized that most breakfast foods being touted as healthy were really anything but.

“The granolas were just like having dessert for breakfast, and they were made with cheap filler oils like canola that had little nutritional value,” he said. “I grew up on an organic farm (Swift Subtropicals in Los Osos), and I wanted something that not only tasted good, but would be healthy, so I decided to make my own.”

After researching ingredients and recipes, he looked at the merits of muesli versus granola.

Although both typically contain nuts, seeds and dried fruits, granola is baked with oil to bind it together, resulting in a clumpier product. In contrast, muesli is mostly uncooked. (Separate ingredients such as grains and seeds might be toasted beforehand.)

As such, muesli is a bit more versatile, since it can be enjoyed as is, or cooked like oatmeal and eaten hot.

“Muesli has a natural sweetness from the dried fruits,” Swift explained. “And the oils are healthier because they come from the nuts and seeds.”

He experimented with what would become Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch for about a year before officially launching the company two years ago. Swift does all the production at his family’s farm, Swift Subtropicals.

“All the facilities, such as cold storage, were already here,” said Swift, who’s now the CEO of Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch. The only thing needed was a kitchen setup, which got dialed into place when he found a portable kitchen and installed it on site.

Every bag of Sean’s Organic Muesli Mix is individually handmade from start to finish. Swift toasts some ingredients, mixes up the batches according to his recipes, measures the muesli into bags and heat-seals them.

He makes all the mueslis with certified organic, non-genetically modified ingredients.

Because one of the company’s taglines is “Handcrafted in the American West,” Swift sources as much of his ingredients as possible from California — raisin, currants, walnuts and so forth. The rest, including grains, come from Western states. Coconut chips, powdered cinnamon and golden raisins are imported.

When Swift started Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch, he only offered two flavors: Cranberry Coconut and Pumpkin Pecan. Since then, he’s added Walnut Currant and — in response to customer queries about gluten-free options — the very popular Gluten Freedom.

The first three offerings contain toasted barley flakes, toasted rye flakes, toasted oats, roasted pumpkin seeds and roasted sunflower seeds. Swift then mixes and matches nuts and dried fruits to craft the different flavors.

The Gluten Freedom is made with gluten-free rolled oats and cinnamon.

Swift first sold his Muesli Munch to Sunshine Health Foods in Morro Bay, which still carries the product.

Since then, he’s expanded into many more locations throughout San Luis Obispo County, from small niche stores to larger locations. He’s also placed the product in stores in Solvang, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. (Online retail orders to individuals are welcome, and Swift offers free shipping nationwide.)

“I want to keep growing a little bit every year, mainly in independent health foods and co-ops,” said Swift, adding that he always wants to keep his Muesli Munch crafted with organic ingredients that are sustainably grown.

The young entrepreneur has a big vision for the long-term future of his company.

“The goal is to be in Whole Foods (stores) nationwide,” Swift said.

Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch

Los Osos

Retail locations listed on the website. Direct sales are also available with free shipping nationwide.

How to enjoy Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch

  • Serve cold with your favorite milk or yogurt.
  • Top with fresh berries, diced apples, sliced bananas, cottage cheese or crunchy peanut butter.
  • Drizzle with honey or maple syrup.
  • Sprinkle with chia seeds.
  • To serve hot, pour half a cup of boiling water over a half-cup of Muesli Munch, cover and let sit for three minutes.

Courtesy of Sean’s Organic Muesli Munch