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Sandy’s Deli and Bakery in Cambria: Grab a Big Sur on the way to Big Sur

A popular tuna sandwich called the Big Sur is just one of the tasty offerings at Sandy’s Deli and Bakery in Cambria’s West Village. Read more »
A popular tuna sandwich called the Big Sur is just one of the tasty offerings at Sandy’s Deli and Bakery in Cambria’s West Village. Read more »

It’s barely beyond a moonstone’s throw from the beach, but a lot of people have yet to discover the fresh tastes at Sandy’s Deli and Bakery in Cambria.

Tucked away in an unassuming building at the westernmost end of the West Village, Sandy’s was already a deli when the Viveros family took it over and renamed it about five years ago.

They kept the menu basically the same, adding just a few more dishes.

The biggest change came when the family more than doubled the indoor seating area, explained Edgar Viveros, who co-manages the deli along with his dad, Miguel.

The bright, no-frills dining room now easily seats a couple dozen people, or you can sit outside on the cozy patio.

Sandy’s does have the word “Bakery” in its name, but the real baking actually goes on down at the Viveros’ other business — the French Corner Bakery in Cambria’s East Village.

Thanks to that association, all the breads used for Sandy’s sandwiches are baked fresh daily (as are all the pastries and desserts).

Sandwiches are made to order on sourdough, wheat, honey wheat, a French roll, or even a croissant, and sliced loaves of breads are also available to take home.

Though you can make up your own combo of meats and cheeses, Viveros noted that the most popular Sandy’s sandwich is definitely the Big Sur — a honey wheat bun with tuna, avocado, carrots, sprouts, onion and sunflower seeds.

Other options include a turkey club or a turkey cranberry, a BLT or a French dip, a Mother Nature veggie with sprouts and mushrooms or a Godfather — a French roll piled high with roast beef, capacolla, ham, pepperoni, provolone, and pepperoncinis.

Among the recently added items on the menu are burritos and tortas, the latter a classic Mexican sandwich that really depends on having good, crusty bread as its base. At Sandy’s, they all come with avocado, onions, tomato, cheese, salsa and jalapeños, and from there you have your choice of shredded pork, shredded chicken, ham, or a combination.

Sandy’s also offers freshly made soups such as white bean or chicken chili, and several generous salads as well.

Go for a chicken Caesar, a Garden with feta cheese and sunflower seeds, or head for the border with the chicken avocado taco salad that’s topped with kidney beans, corn, cheddar cheese, olives, tomato, onion and olives.

If you’re craving something sweet, one of Sandy’s nine smoothie flavors can fit the bill.

Get the Nanner Nutty (peanut butter, banana, and chocolate ice cream), the Mango Tango (pineapple juice, coconut, mango, strawberries, honey and pineapple sherbet), or the Orange Madness (orange juice, orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream).

Yes, that last one will make you think of the orange Creamsicles you had as a kid.

As you might have noticed, all these smoothies have either ice cream or sherbet, so they might not be the best choice for vigilant calorie counters, Viveros acknowledged with a grin.

However, he did point out that Sandy’s also makes their own fresh juices such as lemonade, carrot, orange, and carrot-apple ginger, and if you really want to stay on the health-food route, he can juice up a Great 8 for you — a mixture of carrots, celery, beets, parsley, garlic, ginger, cucumber and lemon.