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Noi’s Thai Take-Out closes in Los Osos — but fans have another option

Los Osos favorite Noi’s Little Thai Take-Out closed its doors Friday on Second Street after being in business since 1994.

The good news? Noi and Doi’s Second Street Cafe will remain open just down the street offering the same familiar, cooked-from-scratch Thai dishes.

“When we opened here 25 years ago in this little town, a Tribune article wondered if we could make it,” Noi’s husband, Ron Miner, recalled. The article joked that “maybe I had been sitting too long at the Merrymaker,” the well worn dive-bar right across the street, he added.

Even today with Baywood well “discovered,” Miner said, “I am looking down the street right now and there isn’t one car moving,” adding that the Back Bay berg is still pretty quiet, except for the weekends.

“Running two restaurants offering the same food was both splitting our customers and taxing our overhead,” he explained.

Add to that the fact that Noi Miner is battling cancer and Miner is eager to decrease the stress in their life.

“She’s doing OK right now,” he said.

Miner, a contractor by trade, hopes to increase the size of the Second Street Cafe kitchen to get food out the door a little faster.

Noi’s food has been a popular staple of Los Osos for years.

One writer remarked that Cal Poly students “are obsessed” with the place.

Word got out that Noi’s would close a few days ago, and customers lined up out the door for what they thought would be their last taste of what some say is the best Thai food in the area.

But don’t worry — just head down the block.

Miner said they will retain the iconic but tiny Noi’s Take-Out building for catering jobs, as well as the dining room.

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