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McConnell’s ice cream shop opens in downtown SLO

Mcconnell’s opened its San Luis Obispo location on Thursday.
Mcconnell’s opened its San Luis Obispo location on Thursday.

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams opened its San Luis Obispo location Thursday. It’s located at 868 Monterey St., between Williams-Sonoma and Junk Girls boutique.

San Luis Obispo isn’t McConnell’s first Central Coast store. McConnell’s originally opened in 1949 in Santa Barbara, which is home to two locations, according to its website. Additional scoop shops are located in downtown Los Angeles, Studio City, Los Feliz and Pacific Palisades.

The ice cream-maker already has two San Luis Obispo County connections. Mike Vierra, McConnell’s longtime production manager, is a Cal Poly graduate, and McConnell’s ice creams are made with R.R. Lochhead vanilla beans from Cook Flavoring Co. in Paso Robles.

McConnell’s joins a downtown area rich with frozen treats, including Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab, Batch, Nite Creamery, Roll’d and Yogurtland.

The Nite Creamery shop in San Luis Obispo uses liquid nitrogen to freeze their ice cream after customers order. It's part of the newly reopened Creamery complex in downtown SLO.