Mid-State Fair

Don’t want to wait in line for a ride at the Mid-State Fair? There’s a wristband for that

California Mid-State Fair-goers looking to avoid long lines in the high heat have a new option this year: Buy a wristband and skip the lines.

The “WOWXpress wristband” costs an additional $15 more than the regular unlimited-ride band, which costs $35 if bought the day of the fair. The fair will limit the number of these new wristbands to 25 percent of the estimated wristband sales for that day. So if the fair anticipates selling 1,000 wristbands in a given day, no more than 250 of them will be WOWXpress bands.

“Every ride has a second WOWXpress entrance that allows guest to cut out the long lines in the evenings and on the weekends,” according to a fair statement. “One WOWXpress holder will be allowed on the ride for every four guests in the regular line.”

The 2017 fair runs from July 19 to July 30. More information is available at www.midstatefair.com.

Andrew Sheeler: 805-781-7929, @andrewsheeler

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