‘What Makes Me, Me’ and other poems on identity by young SLO County poets

April is National Poetry Month. We’ve invited readers from across the Central Coast to share their best original poems dealing with self-identity and diversity.

Here is a sampling of the poems. We will be posting new poems at throughout the month.




“Where I’m From”

By Maria DeJesus Gonzalez Santana, 14, Oceano

I am from wild Sherman Shepherds from

Marichullies from Boxing Strength.

I am from the tough Zacatecas city from Mexico,

My hometown.

It tasted like spicy chilly, sounded like a thousand of horses galloping on the rough ground, looked like the dessert, smelled like someone was

Barbecuing, and it felt rough as if was just made

Out of solid rock.

I am from wild rose.

I'm from the Day Of the Dead and not giving up without a fight,

Being determined on what you believe is right.

From making your own path and not letting anyone choose it for you,

You write your own story, make your own story.

I’m from Zacatecas in Mexico, soup and beans.

From Zacatecas, we don’t give up without a fight, we don’t let anyone write

Our stories we choose how we write it because it

Tells our stories.

~ ~ ~

“What Makes Me, Me”

By Ali Schwartz, 10, San Luis Obispo

I am unique and I am special,

because there is no one in the whole world that is like me.

No one has the same laugh, love, and smile.

People can wear the same clothes and shoes as me,

but they don’t have the same smile, love, laugh, skin, or hair as me.

Because if everyone looked like me,

then why would there be a purpose in people?

So that is why we are so unique in our own special ways!

~ ~ ~

“Where I’m From”

By Roberto Pacheco, 13, Grover Beach

I am from fishing reel from Envy scooters from Nike football cleats

I am from Grover Beach

It smells like salt from the Pacific Ocean

I am from the poppies and seashells

I’m from grilled steaks and chicken and hard work and to be respectful

From being told be polite and respect your elders

I’m from San Luis hospital, tacos, steak, and chicken

From playing at the beach in the sun

~ ~ ~

“What Makes You You?”

By Greta Miller, 10, San Luis Obispo

What makes you you is your heart, your mind

What do you dream of?

What do you set your mind to?

What goals can you make?

Can you reach those stars?

What makes you you is your heart, your mind

~ ~ ~

“where I’m from”

By Michael Inacio, 14, Grover Beach

I am from football cleats from basketballs from skateboards

I am from Grover Beach in California

It smelled like salty water

I am from the sunflowers and roses

I’m from Fourth of July barbecues

And family trust and confidence

From believe in each other, always tell the truth

I’m from San Luis Obispo, from tacos,

And nachos

From watching fireworks, eating tacos and playing

Football on Fourth of July where I fell in love

With football

~ ~ ~

“Where I’m From”

By Andrew Holmes, 13, Grover Beach

I am from sneakers from basketball from toys

I am from the Buckeye State of Toledo

It looked abandoned

I am from cardinals, snow, and humidity

I’m from Thanksgiving feasts

And politeness, kindness and respectfulness

From always respect women

And respect your elders

I’m from Toledo Hospital, chicken, ribs, and BBQ

I’m Andrew Holmes from Toledo, OH

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

San Luis Obispo County poet laureate Jeanie Greensfelder reads her poem "At Sweet Springs Preserve," at the location of the same name, in March 2017.

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