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Ghost stories from SLO County: Headless Halloran

It was the spring of 1898, and the Halloran family was driving their wagon to their new homestead along the Nacimiento River.

According to the local legend, when Michael and Alice Halloran, along with their baby, Clara, stopped in the ranch town of Jolon, American Indians warned them that the river was too high to cross. Thinking they were just after his land, Michael Halloran pushed forward, despite his wife's pleas to wait.

As they started across the high and muddy waters, Alice Halloran held baby Clara tight. Suddenly, the current caught the wagon and it flipped over and over.

Caught in the reins, Alice was decapitated and the baby drowned.

As the story goes, and witnesses insist it is true, Alice haunts the area that's now near Fort Hunter Liggett, looking for her head and her baby.

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