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SLO Museum of Art to feature California Sculpture SLAM

‘Companions’ is an origami by Goran Konjevod made of elephant hide paper.
‘Companions’ is an origami by Goran Konjevod made of elephant hide paper. Courtesy photo

‘What’s the deal with the ceramic heads on top of the cabinet,” I asked my date while we were visiting his parents’ home. “There’s got to be a story. What’s the story?”

“My sister made them in high school or college,” he said.

I could not have asked for a better answer. I’m sure I picked up this design rule on “Oprah” or on interior decorator Christopher Lowell’s show that used to run on the Discovery Channel, but I think everything on display in your home ought to have a story. I rarely meet a rule I don’t want to follow, especially if it comes from a design guru like Nate Berkus.

So, I asked for the grand tour of the living room for the story behind each piece of art from ceramics to paintings to a quilt and wood carving to an old map with the Ethiopic Ocean. The only minor disappointment was a pair of neat-looking cups that I figured were from a local ceramicist. Nope. Taiwan.

My Grandma Ethelyn had a rented painting in her living room of a blonde girl in a flower field.

I don’t think she was ever that crazy about it, but it was the right size to cover up where the air conditioner used to be.

My Grandma Jane had a nice collection of paintings done by friends of abilities ranging from pretty good to super good. She loved them all.

Of course, we all like to get the story about family photos on the walls when visiting friends and family. It’s also fun to have a look around as if you’re at an art exhibit.

One upcoming exhibit getting quite a bit of buzz is the California Sculpture SLAM presented by the Central Coast Sculptors, in collaboration with the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Aug. 23 through Sept. 29.

This juried show features 38 current pieces from California artists from Mount Shasta to Long Beach. Juror Coleen Sterritt, a Los Angeles artist, made her selections from 303 works submitted by 135 artists. Expect metal, wood, stone and paper designs.

Several Central Coast sculptors made the cut: Timo Beckwith, Marcia Harvey, Autumn Jennings, George Jercich, Robert Oblon and David Settino Scott.

The opening reception will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday at the museum. Awards are scheduled for 5:45 p.m.

If you go ..

What: California Sculpture SLAM

Gallery hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Show runs Friday through Sept. 29

Where: San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, 1010 Broad St., San Luis Obispo

Contact: 543-8562