Fishing Report: Grover Beach angler lands whopper

A Grover Beach angler caught a 64 1⁄2-pound white seabass last week and still is without bragging rights at his work place.

Anthony Nagy was the saltwater fishing celebrity of the week, but his catch wasn’t quite big enough to outdo his boss, Port San Luis Boatyard partner Brent Lintner.

Nagy fished alone for seven hours Saturday from his 18-foot aluminum Baja Bayrunner. His big seabass was his third of the day after catching 25- and 30-pounders.

Pressed for the location of his success, he said: “The seabass grounds, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

He targeted seabass for six days during the past two weeks.

“Last Saturday, the fishing was good earlier in the day,” Nagy said. “It tapered off for a while prior to nailing the biggest seabass I’ve ever landed.”

The 44-year-old Boatyard employee caught a 50-pound seabass earlier in the week.

“The big one nearly spooled me,” Nagy said. “And I had 300 yards of 60-pound test line on my reel. Yes, my bait was squid and it was on a dropper loop,” he reluctantly revealed.

Retrieving the seabass took “about 15 minutes,” he noted. Grappling with a fish that grows to as long as five feet must have been a sight to behold.

Brent Lintner bettered Nagy’s catch nearly two years ago, albeit not by much. Fishing with Tony Salvucci on Oct. 19, 2012, the duo harvested a 67-pound white seabass. It was too heavy for the scales at the Sports Launch, so they had it weighed at Archie’s Live Fish, a commercial business at the end of Harford Pier.

Nagy said he had planned another quest for white seabass Wednesday. No news was available as column deadline approached.

Port San Luis Boatyard

Last week, seasonal highs were posted for the most boats launched, plus catches of lingcod and white seabass.

Launchings totaled 190, while the lingcod count was 164 and the white seabass take was 187. The previous highs were 176 dispatchings May 26-June 1, 157 lings caught June 30-July 6 and 95 white seabass June 9-15.

The most halibut caught was 32, 18 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday.

August halibut closure

Recreational fishing for Pacific halibut will be closed during the month of August, reopening Sept. 1 until Oct. 31.

When the season reopens, both the daily bag limit and possession limit will be one fish. There will be no minimum size limit.

Regulations for Pacific halibut fishing are developed through a collaborative regulatory process involving CDFW, the Pacific Fishery Management Council, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the California Fish and Game Commission and other West Coast states.

Virg’s Landing

Tulare’s Richard Howard became the 11th angler to qualify for the year-end John Rowley Lingcod tourney. The 17-pound lingcod he caught was last week’s big one.

The next two-day trip departs at 9 a.m. Monday. Make reservations for the $235 trip by calling 772-1222. Return is at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Sixty-five of the 273 lingcod caught last week were bagged Friday off three boats.

Shallow-water trips from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. are scheduled Thursdays for $69.

Whale watching trips are back on the agenda for Sunday and Monday (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) to see the offshore antics of humpback whales. Call for further details.

Other jackpot winners with lings last week included: Jim Webb, Cambria, 16-0, Gilbert Mills, Ridgecrest, 13-11, Mike Weis, Bakersfield, 13-7, Patty Jorgensen, Orcutt, 13-0, Steve League, Arizona, 12-7, Tanner Tregeze, Springville, 12-5, Celeste Rodriguez and Eric Varemar, both Bakersfield and both 10-9, Ken Martoln, Fresno, 9-8, Linda Cortez, Los Osos, 8-3, Brian Jakovich, Morro Bay 8-0, and Chris Saleda, Monterey 5-7 bocaccio.

The catch by 449 passengers was 273 lings, 1,218 red rockcod, one bocaccio and 2,091 assorted rockfish.

Patriot Sportfishing

San Luis Obispo’s Roger York, former Patriot manager, brought in the biggest fish of the week, a 17-pound halibut.

Other jackpot winners were: Jenae King, Hanford, 16-3 ling, John Powell, Arroyo Grande, 15-0 ling, Doug May, Orcutt, 12-15 ling, Sue Watson, Yuma, AZ, 12-11 ling, John Soldani, Tulare, Johnny Wyatt, Arroyo Grande, Nicole Edelstein, San Diego, Blake Gavin, Los Osos, all 12-0 lings, Joe Vidaurri, Pismo Beach, 10-0 ling, Mike Merrit, Fresno, 5-8 ling, and Cliff DeLong, Fresno, 5-2 ling, Kevin Newcomer, Grover Beach, 3-0 red rockcod. Last week’s catch by 391 anglers included 246 lingcod, 465 red rockcod, 70 cabezon, one halibut, one rock sole, 936 bolina, and 2,084 assorted rockfish.

For reservations and trip schedules, go to www.patriotsportfishing.com or call 595-7200.

Morro Bay Landing

Last week’s jackpot winners included Andrew Dunn, McFarland, 18-0 ling, Mike Jennings, Orcutt, 15-8 ling, Tom Burnett, Dundee, Mich., 14-0 ling, Darren Bell, Burbank, Idaho, 12-8 ling, and Greg Davalos, Farmersville, 9-5 ling.

Last week, 192 passengers caught 41 lingcod, 106 red rockcod, 1,120 assorted rockfish, 48 cabezon, and 25 vermillion.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 771-5500 or go to www.morrobay landing.com.

Whale Rock

For the first time this season, no trout were caught last week. Nineteen anglers turned out for Week 13. That brought the number of fishermen to 350. Ninety-nine trout have been caught during the 63 days Whale Rock has been open for fishing. The venue is open Wednesdays through Sundays.

Nacimiento Lake

Resident Byron Scott and two grandchildren caught 12 catfish up to four pounds Monday.

The same day Heritage Ranch reporter Dave Rymal landed a 3-pound spotted bass with his fly rod baited with a black nymph and a meal worm.

Lopez Lake

Supervising park ranger Bob Yetter advised that CDFW was scheduled to make its fourth trout plant of the year Wednesday. It was to be a plant of 3,000 pounds of fish. Plants of 3,000, 2,700 and 2,000 pounds were made in April, May and June, respectively.

The next Kids Fishing Clinic sponsored by Friends of Lopez Lake is scheduled for Aug. 16.

Cachuma Lake

“Fishing for catfish was the only game in town last week,” marina manager Ken Hemer said. “Fly-lined cut mackerel at Sweetwater, Cachuma and Santa Cruz Bays worked just fine with fish up to 6 1⁄2 pounds. A handful of trout were caught mostly by drifting crawlers as deep as 50 feet near the dam. Bass fishing was tough.”