Fishing Report: New team wins Lopez Lake tourney

Encouraged by longtime friends who are serious bass tournament competitors, Arroyo Grande brothers-in-law crashed the party so to speak Saturday at Lopez Lake. 

It was the second stop on the 2013-14 American Bass Pacific Coast Region schedule.

Mike Maddux and Matt Quaresma got serious themselves. On a day when only 10 of the 31 teams entered had a limit, they fit in nicely catching 15 or 16 fish.

The five bass they weighed were 16.11 pounds. It provided a margin of 64-hundreths of a pound and a tourney title.

Best of all, it enabled them to split $3,580. And this was only their second competition as a team. Maddux did fish alone in the first ABA event at Lopez Lake in November.

Maddux and Quaresma were congratulated by Bassmaster Elite touring pro Jared Lintner. It was Lintner, a longtime friend, and Jeff Hodges, who works at Tackle Warehouse, who encouraged the pair to participate in bass tournaments.

For nearly 13 years, Maddux  has been involved in providing equipment for desert truck racing. He also has been a participant on three race teams.  

A desire to spend more time with his wife, Sara, and 6-year-old son Tanner has turned his attention to bass tournaments.

Fishing alone in the November ABA event, also at Lopez, Maddux placed seventh.

On Saturday, the team caught fish on an Alabama rig and hand-tied jigs. Their biggest fish was 3.88 pounds.

Quaresma only began bass fishing a year ago. He contributed two of the fish the team brought to the scales.

John White’s partner, Fred Ledesma, copped big-fish honors with a 6.32-pound fish taken on a crankbait. 

“I thought I was going to blank,” White said, “but I  managed to land a 3-pound-plus fish 10 minutes before weigh-in.” It was worth $450 to the 10th place team.

ABA Pacific CoastTop 10, Number of Fish, Weight, Winnings

1.Mike Maddux, Matt Quaresma, Arroyo Grande, 5, 16.11 pounds, $3,580; 2. Pat Motley, Arroyo Grande, , Mark del Papa, Bakersfield, 5 ,15.47 pounds, $1,324;  3. Sheldon Waters, Clayton Chatterly, Lompoc, 5, 14.02 pounds, $1,146; 4. Nick Salvucci, Atascadero, Jared Lintner, Arroyo Grande, 5, 13.17 pounds, $570;  5. Bobby Doss, Santa Maria, Todd Reccord, Paso Robles, 4, 12.80 pounds, $400; 6. Doug Slaton, Roger Diaz, Hollister, 5, 12.47 pounds, $250; 7. Mark Hinson, Joey Reggio, San Luis Obispo,  5, 12.46 pounds; 8. Darrin Bishop, Paso Robles, Dean Miller, Tulare, 5, 10.95 pounds; 9. Mark Scribner, Pismo Beach, Rob Murrin, Buellton. 5, 9.96 pounds, $410; 10. John White, San Luis Obispo, Fred Ledesma, Soledad,  2, 9.55 pounds, $450.

1st  Big Fish, 6.32 pounds, White & Ledesma, $450; 2nd Big Fish, 5.36 pounds, Waters & Chatterly, $270; 3rd Big Fish, 5.26 pounds, Doss & Reccord, $180.

Virg’s Landing

The landing will be closed on Christmas.

Atascadero’s Mike Blackstone had last week’s biggest jackpot fish, a 16-pound lingcod. 

Other jackpot winners and their catches were: Bob Moore, Bakersfield, 12-0 ling, Mike Fralicks, Oakhurst, 10-0 ling, and Robert Ellington, Bakersfield, 6-0 ling.

As of Wednesday afternoon, two spots were open for a two-day fishing trip Saturday and Sunday. Cost is $235. The final two-day trip of 2013 on Dec. 28-29 is completely booked.

For complete trip schedules and reservations, call 772-1222 or go to www.virgs.com 

Last week, 138 passengers caught 165 lingcod, 296 red rockcod, 878 assorted rockfish and six cabezon.

Port San Luis Boatyard

The fifth-largest lingcod harvest of 2013 was recorded last week. Anglers aboard 76 launched boats caught 139 lings. The week’s Whopper of the Week was a 30-pound, 7-ounce fish by Lompoc’s Dave Hartmann. No boats were launched Tuesday. Thirty-seven lings were reeled in Saturday, 32 on Thursday, 27 on Friday and 24 on Sunday.

Patriot Sportfishing

The business will be closed on Christmas.

Combination rockcod and crab trips are planned Friday and Monday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Last week’s heaviest jackpot fish was caught by San Luis Obispo’s Roger York, a 16-pound, 15-ounce lingcod. Other jackpot winners included: Caesar Chang, Rowland Heights, 16-14 ling, Bill Tolliver, Friant, 14-4 ling, Ben Gilmore, Oceano, 12-5 ling,

Trent Ingerson, Arroyo Grande, 10-0 ling,  and Tim Murphy, Lompoc, 9-0 ling.

The catch by 151 anglers last week included 126 lingcod, 158 red rockcod, 476 assorted rockfish, 369 bolina, 33 cabezon and one kelp greenling.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 595-7200 or go to www.patriotsportfishing.com 

Santa Margarita Lake

Dale Ball of Creston got in some recreational fishing Tuesday. The one time California state bass champion caught bass weighing 8 and 9 pounds. Marina manager Don Lopez said the marina will close Monday for two weeks. 

Lopez Lake

Anglers using blood baits are catching catfish. Bass are being taken on jigs and worms and shore fishermen are connecting with trout. The marina will be closed on Christmas Day.

Nacimiento Lake

Dave Rymal, reporting from Heritage Ranch, said the Heritage launching facilities are no longer functioning as the water has receded. 

“There are very few fishermen on the lake these days,” he said. “Spotted bass are being caught. The largest I’ve heard about recently checked in at 2 pounds.”

Cachuma Lake

Calaveras Trout Farm made its second plant of the season — 4,000 pounds — Dec. 12. Shore fishermen did very well, which is typical right after a plant. As the planters disperse and become acclimated to their new surroundings, trollers figure to get in on the fun. Rapalas, Yo-Zuris spoons and spinners should produce catches. Santa Cruz and Cachuma bays are kicking out catfish on cut mackerel presentations. Few bass are being caught.