Fishing Report: Lintner, Salvucci duos enjoy success

At venues hundreds of miles apart, the Lintner and Salvucci brothers were at play. 

Their focus was markedly different. One tandem was confined to two relatively small expanses of water on California’s largest natural lake, Clear Lake. The other duo’s playground was the Pacific Ocean, specifically off Port San Luis.

Each duo accomplished an amazing feat, one  that will go down in the history of the two families as a memory that will last a lifetime.

Jared Lintner and partner Nick Salvucci were engaged in the two-day American Bass/ Ranger Boats North Team Classic. The Pacific Coast Region Anglers of the Year were competing with 155 teams from 10 different regions.

Brent Lintner and Tony Salvucci had little boat traffic to impede them. Their quarry was white seabass. But first they devoted a  protracted amount of time jigging for squid. Most of their bait was 4 to 6 inches. The one exception — a 14-inch squid — was too tempting a dinner that one very large seabass could not resist.

For several years the brothers have focused on saltwater fishing together from Brent Lintner’s 21-foot Sea Ray. Brent Lintner was at the helm while Tony Salvucci manned the trolling station.

The 20- to 25-minute battle taxed the 50-pound test line. 

“Our rod was transformed into a croquet-like wicket,” said Tony Salvucci, who is 5-foot-9. “It was nearly as long as I am tall.

Brent Lintner gaffed the gigantic seabass. After the duo bled the fish, they had to deposit it in the vessel’s fish hold. It was too big for their very large ice chest.

Back at the Sports Launch, the catch was too heavy for the scale there. It weighed 67 pounds at Archie’s Live Fish commercial station at the end of the pier.

“It was a joint effort,” Brent Lintner said. He also reeled in a 21-pound halibut and another large fish, probably a seabass, broke their line.

At Clear Lake, Jared Lintner and Nick Salvucci were winding up TOC bass competition. Jared Lintner employed one of his sponsor’s baits, a Jackall vibrating bait, to fill out limits both days.

Nick Salvucci focused on bigger fish.

 “Swimbaits worked for our big fish — 6.38 pounds on Friday and 6.94 pounds on Saturday,” Salvucci said. “We had a limit by 11:30 on Friday and by 8:30 or 9 o’clock on Saturday.”

Although the duo had 23.69- and 24.23-pound limits, they were the fifth-heaviest catch each day. 

Two teams from the Pacific Coast Region ranked first and second after day one. Bakersfield’s Mark Del Papa and Arroyo Grande’s Pat Motley from Arroyo Grande led the pack with a 26.68-pound weight anchored by a 7.53-pound fish, third-heaviest of the day.  Brad Shepherd and Clark Endres of Atascadero were next with a 25.31 bag.

On day two, Del Papa and Motley had the 39th-heaviest bag at 13.93 and dropped to 11th place (40.61) and Shepherd-Endres had the 33rd-heaviest bag (15.60) and placed 10th with a 40.91 total.

 “We weighed in early Saturday and we were aware our two-day 47.92 bag was leading,” Jared Lintner said. “During a tournament, I have my cell phone turned off. I learned of the big fish Brent and Tony caught while awaiting the weigh-in to finish. Man, that was some fish. I’m very proud of my brother. He’s worked hard at fishing where others haven’t put in the time to be successful.”

This Lintner-Salvucci duo were declared the tournament winners.

The reward for finishing atop the 155-team field was $1,500 in cash plus a certificate for a Ranger/Mercury package, a $30,000 value.

ABA North Team Classic Standings, Number of Fish, Weight, Winnings

1. Jared Lintner, Arroyo Grande, Nick Salvucci, San Miguel, 10, 47.92 pounds, Ranger Boat Package, $1,500; 10. Brad Shepherd, Clark Endres, Atascadero, 10, 40.91, $1660; 11. Mark Del Papa, Bakersfield, Pat Motley, Arroyo Grande, 10, 40.61, $2610; 12. Carlos & Jacob Vasquez, Soledad, 9, 40.52, $410; 18. Jason Letterman, Scott Mullins, Salinas,10, 39.10, $350; 34 .Clay Gates, Mitch Wasley, Paso Robles, 8, 31.47, $200; 39. Darrin Bishop, Paso Robles, Dean Miller, Tulare, 8, 29.66; 40. Fred Ledesma, Jose Canchola, Soledad, 9, 28.98, $300; 46. Louis Fernandes, Santa Maria, Patrick Touey, Nipomo, 6, 27.68; 51. Bryan Grier, Hollister, Tom Nieto, Salinas, 10, 26.13; 60.Andrew Levy, Grover Beach, Stanley Beebe, San Luis Obispo, 7, 23.32; 70. John White, San Luis Obispo, Steve Bereda, Santa Margarita, 7, 19.25; 72. Rob Murrin, Whitney Uyeda, Buellton, 5, 18.23, $200; 85. Bobby Doss, Santa Maria, Todd Reccord, Paso Robles, 5, 15.24; 102. Gene Gray, Atascadero, Jay Short, Templeton, 5, 9.88; 103. Darin Ferguson, Dustin Mojonnier, Vandenberg Village, 4, 9.82; 130. Mike & Travis Dashek, Santa Maria, 2 ,3.94; 138. Jason McLey, Ty McCutcheon, Bakersfield, 1, 2.93; 140. John Beckett, Johnathin Flynn, Bakersfield, 1, 2.62; Tie 145. Sccott Lamberton, John Flynn, Buellton; Clark Small, Solvang, Randy McAbee, Sr., no fish.

Port San Luis Boatyard

The 67-pound white seabass caught by Brent Lintner and Tony Salvucci was the obvious Whopper of the Week. Sport fishermen have caught 438 white seabass this season. The question is: Has any sportfisherman caught a larger seabass off the Central Coast?

Fifty boats were launched last week. Anglers came back with 61 lingcod, two halibut, nine seabass and 42 albacore. The tuna were all caught Friday. No boats were launched Oct. 16. Full rockcod limits were posted one day, three-quarter and half limits were logged two days each and half to three quarter limits once.

Annual Fish Fry

The Central Coast Women for Fisheries, a nonprofit organization, will hold its third-annual fish fry in conjunction with the Morro Bay Rotary Club on Saturday. From noon to 6 p.m., participants may take out or eat at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church. A $10 per person donation is requested. The menu is locally caught rockcod, rice pilaf and coleslaw. Beer, wine and homemade deserts will be available.

For the past six years, the women’s group has annually awarded  $20,000 in scholarships to descendants of Central Coast commercial fishermen.

For the love of albacore

Some salts are passionate about albacore fishing. Take Greg Birkholz of Arroyo Grande, for example.

Last Thursday aboard Woody Woodruff’s 24-foot Grady White, they went 40 miles out from Morro Bay. 

“We experienced the roughest conditions I have ever been in,” Birkholz said. “One time the wind picked us up and the boat almost rolled over on its side. We made sure life vests were fitted and rode it out. One crew member got sick for the very first time. En route back to Morro Bay conditions improved. We saw jumping fish, but no bites. 

“Friday was an epic day of fishing. David Fort only had to pilot his boat 22 miles out. With me, Charles Buzzetti and John Roan aboard, we caught 29 fish in the 25 to 30-pound range. We had to quit early because we ran out of ice.

“On Saturday I fished with Woody and his son Sean Woodruff. A few albacore and a 44-pound bluefin tuna were in our catch. Woody’s wife made us Tataki for dinner using the bluefin. My goodness, it was tasty.

“Woody and I went back out Sunday, but only got one fish. An earthquake Saturday night probably was why the bite turned off. Fish were metered 100 feet down but the tuna weren’t biting.”

“I achieved my goal by fishing for tuna four days in a row. I’ll be canning and smoking fish during my free time.” 

Tuna fishing outlook

Harrell Kimball reports: “Conditions should be OK the next few mornings but it’ll be blowing in the afternoons.”

Rita G

Twenty-three members of the Cambria Fishing Club boarded the Rita G on Friday on a charter trip. Ralph Boone of Paso Robles took jackpot honors with a 10-pound lingcod. The catch included 27 lingcod, 95 red rockcod, one cabezon and 125 assorted rockfish.

For reservations on weekends only sportfishing trips, call 674-4854. Cost for the 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. trips is $69. Trips depart from the Embarcadero Grill Resturant in Morro Bay.

Patriot Sportfishing

Topping last week’s jackpot winners was Tim Barrier of Bakersfield with a 10-pound lingcod. Other jackpot winners were Larry Tuck of Shafter, 9-0 ling, and Kevin Rhea of Visalia and Jeremy Stubbs of Fresno, both 8-0 lings.

The catch by 158 anglers included 21 lingcod, 374 red rockcod, four cabezon, 131 bolina and 480 assorted rockfish.

For reservations and trip schedules call: 595-7200.

Virg’s Landing

Thirty seven albacore were caught last week, five of them on a rockcod trip. Jackpot winners were reported on only two trips. Gus Salcido of Bakersfield caught a 13-pound lingcod and Bill Landin of Visalia landed an 11-pound lingcod.

Reported catch totals for 182 anglers were 84 lingcod, 37 albacore, 590 redrockcod, four cabezon and 966 assorted rockfish.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 772-1222.

Whale Rock

The fishless situation lasted only one week — the week of Oct. 10-14. 

Two 10-inch trout were caught last week, the 26th week the reservoir has been open for fishing. Both fish were caught on lures the same day — Saturday. Only four of the 105 fish caught this season have been taken on lures. Seventeen anglers tried their luck bringing the season’s participant total to 617.

Cachuma Lake

The first 4,000-pound trout plant from Calevaras Trout Farm is scheduled for Nov. 1.  Catfish is the best bet for action.

Fish to 4 pounds are hitting on fly-lined mackerel, packaged dough ball and nightcrawlers. The Narrows, Jackrabbit Flats and Little Cachuma Bay are holding fish. The best bass fishing is in the evening on jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and drop shotting. Crappie action is fair in Santa Cruz Bay and The Narrows. Shore fishermen had better trout success last week than trollers. The best carp action for bow fishermen is mid-morning. The fish have been seen along the banks and shallow coves.