Fishing Report: Cast your lot with WaveSpin for a tangle-free reel

Fortunately, a columnist is not required to be proficient in the field he or she mines on a weekly basis.

The secret is to engage a myriad of personalities who distinguish themselves in a variety of fishing settings. Then, through telephone interviews Tribune readers are made aware of accomplishments of individuals who for the most part fly under the radar of sports notoriety.

Today, I wander away from the Central Coast to focus on my kind of fishing reel.

How did I know this?

Simple. It was because of the guarantee. WaveSpin’s tangle-free technology makes it the only reel of any kind or category in the history of the fishing industry that has ever guaranteed tangle-free operation, the most important feature to ever be added to a fishing reel in decades.

Eons ago when I ventured into tournament bass fishing at the club level (Gold Coast) I mastered one thing. I consistently wrestled with bird nests.

My friend Pete Johnson, owner of Johnson Communications of Scottsdale, Ariz. exposed me to WaveSpin at an opportune time.

Doug Hannon has been described as an “innovative and cerebral” inventor. Four years ago, Hannon introduced a radical wave design called the WaveSpin, the antithesis of the spinning reel’s smooth face design everyone else was building.WaveSpin has continued to grow and now has four models and tens of thousands of tangle-free anglers making more and longer, effortless casts.

“Many have bought even more reels to help introduce family and friends to trouble-free fishing pleasure,” noted Russ Riley, vice president of XXX-Stream Tackle,the firm that markets WaveStream reels.

“Bottom line, it works to make the tangles and bird nests irrelevant that are ubiquitous with other spinning reels.”

Hannon holds many fishing equipment patents. His reels have received numerous accolades from technicians of the fishing world and from mainstream fishing media.

The lightweight graphite bodies of the four models (8 to 12.5 oz.) have line capabilities of 2-14-pound mono up to 60-pound braid.

Internally, each reel has tough multi-disc drags for more tension and smoother operation in fighting big fish.

Riley said: “One of the huge benefits of WaveSpin reels is the straight forward guaranteed promise. “If an angler is having problems with any form of tangling they can make a quick phone call to our warranty department at (989) 967-8426. They’ll receive personal attention in finding what’s causing the problem and after two contacts with the warranty department if they’re not happy we will refund the purchase price minus shipping.”

Added Hannon: “No reel can prevent line twist because the reel doesn’t cause or create line twist. Line twist is caused by several factors and is an unavoidable and spontaneous part of spin fishing. Tangles and bird nests are thrown off the reel in the cast, but WaveSpin reels are designed to prevent that loop-making line twist from causing tangles and they do it very well.”

WaveSpin is marketed by XXX-Stream Tackle through major sporting and fishing goods stores such as Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, and independent tackle stores across the nation and with direct sales on its website www.wavespinreel.com

A spokesperson I talked to at Cabela’s Nebraska headquarters said, “Wave Spin reels have a customer satisfaction rating of 4.3 on our 5-star rating scale.”

 Ballpark prices of the four models are: DHxL-$72; DH-3000-$74.95; DH-4000-$83.25; DH-5000-$91.75.

Currently, there is a lull in fishing activity and next week the plan is to generate some ideas for those of you who are or will be shopping for an outdoor person this holiday season. I’ll be contacting local businesses, a tradition I’ve followed for a number of years.


 Virg’s Landing

Tickets are on sale at the landing for Saturday’s Lighted Boat Parade. Tickets are $25 per person. Passengers should be at the landing by 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Refreshments will be available on board.

 Patriot Sportfishing

Fourteen anglers boarded the Pacific Queen on Friday and fished around San Miguel Island on Saturday. The catch included 105 red rockcod, 35 assorted rockfish, 15 ocean white fish and one lingcod. There was no jackpot.