Fishing Report:Albacore outlook isn’t promising for the weekend for Central Coast anglers

Central Coast saltwater fishermen managed to bag one albacore last week. With tuna fishermen nearly being shut out, it provided an opening for the catch of a white seabass to claim Whopper of the Week honors.

Grover Beach’s Mark Stuthard earned the accompanying free boat launch with the Wednesday catch of a 35-pound, 8-ounce white seabass. Anglers on his boat caught two identical fish.

Port San Luis Boatyard manager Marty Codorniz said: “I weighed two of Mark’s fish twice and each time both weighed 35 pounds, 8 ounces.”

The outlook for albacore fishermen is anything but promising for this weekend. Earlier in the week the wind was blowing 25 to 30 knots with12-foot seas at eight-second intervals.

“We’re getting into the time of the year when the fish will be bigger but spread out and deeper,” noted Harrell Kimball. “There is some 59-degree water off the coast but my latest chlorophyll map (Monday) did not reveal any color breaks. Albacore are sight feeders and want clear water. Much of the water looks to be dirty and usually that means the tuna are gone.”

Virg’s Rockcod & Lingcod Tournament

Qualification for the season-ending tournament closes Sunday. Twenty-five of the finalists have already been determined. The angler who has the biggest fish this week will complete the 26-angler field for Nov. 6 tournament. The biggest fish by weight on each boat trip each day is used towards determining the big fish of the week.

As of Oct. 7, the tourney fund totaled more than $6,700. The fund actually will exceed that as $1 from each paid fare through the final day of the regular season — Sunday — will add to the tournament fund.

The estimated awards as of Oct. 7 for the top three finishers in the Nov. 6 competition were: $3,350, $2,200 and $1,150. American Bass Tournament of Champion

Stormy weather had improved the bite the previous week on day two of the Angler’s Choice Tournament of Champions, but rain and strong winds made fishing the American Bass North TOC at Clear Lake on Friday and Saturday a real ordeal.

Atascadero’s Gene Gray and Dusty Kahler, the ABA Pacific Coast Region Anglers of the Year, had caught 30 fish on the second day of the previous tournament, placing fifth with a two-day weight of 43.32 pounds.

Gray said: “We found some weed patches that held fish late on Friday at the north end of Clear Lake. We intended to fish there on Saturday. But the wind was so severe we couldn’t stand up to fish. Besides, the wind destroyed some weed patches we had targeted.“The story told at the final weigh-in was that it was relatively calm at the south end of the lake.”

Kahler and Gray caught four fish Friday and two Saturday for 18.46 pounds for 48th place. Their Angler of the Year title paid $825.One hundred eighty-one teams were entered, but 31 blanked Friday when 34 five-fish limits were recorded. Dropouts trimmed the field to 90 teams Saturday when there were a mere 13 limits.

Solvang’s Clark Small and teammate Randy McAbee Sr. had the highest placing of the 15 teams that represented the Central Coast and the Pacific Coast Region specifically. The duo placed seventh with a 37.03-pound, 10-fish limit worth $600.

A Ranger/Mercury boat package, plus $1,870 in cash was claimed by champions Bill Siemantel of Castaic and partner Troy Linder of Los Angeles. Their 10-fish weight of 44 pounds even provided a 1.18-pound margin of victory.

Arroyo Grande’s Jared Lintner and partner Nick Salvucci from San Miguel finished 11th and earned $1,260 for a 9-fish weight of 35.66 pounds. Neither could be reached by phone for comment.

Darrin Bishop, Paso Robles, and his cousin Dean Miller from Tulare, the AOY winners in the North Traveler’s Division, did not compete at Clear Lake but their title was worth $1,650.

ABA Top 10, No. Fish, Wt., Winnings

1.Bill Siemantel, Castaic, Troy Linder, Los Angeles, 10, 44.00 pounds, Ranger/Mercury boat package plus $1,870; 2. Adam Perry, Lincoln, Nick Langlois, Santa Rosa, 10, 42.82 pounds, $4,945; 3. Ronald Hobbs, Mike Walsky, Orting, WA, 10, 40.73 pounds, $1,500; 4. Kyle Rasmussen, Angels Camp, Keith Rakoncza, La Grange, 10, 40.40 pounds, $1,750; 5. Ron Diacon, Rio Linda, Michael Tuck, Santa Rosa, 10, 39.09 pounds, $2,255; 6.Fred Pearl, Nice, John Pearl, Upper Lake, 10, 38.31 pounds, $3,457; 7. Clark Small, Solvang, Randy McAbee, Sr., Bakersfield, 10, 37.03 pounds, $600; 8. Randy McAbee, Jr., Mason McAbee, Bakersfield, 10, 36.93 pounds, $2,437.50; 9. Sean Ulitin, Napa, Pat Wilson, Sonoma, 10, 36.34 pounds, $800; 10. George & Kevin Cockriell, Kelseyville, 10, 36.14 pounds, $1,070. Placings of Pacific Coast Region Qualifiers11. Jared Lintner, Arroyo Grande, Nick Salvucci, 9, 35.66 pounds, $1.260; 19. Jason Letterman, Scott Mullins, Salinas, 8, 30.02 pounds, $500; 30. Bobby Doss, Santa Maria, Todd Reccord, Paso Robles, 6, 24.27 pounds, $420; 31. Sam Sawdey, Paso Robles, Ralph Sawdey, Shandon, 7, 24.22 pounds, $300; 36. Dana Chatterly, Ron Morrison, Lompoc, 7, 21.48 pounds; 45. John White, San Luis Obispo, Steve Bereda, Santa Margarita, 6, 19.82 pounds; 48. Gene Gray, Dusty Kahler, Atascadero, 6. 18.46 pounds, $825; 61. Dan Tracy, Sr. & Jr., Prunedale, 3. 16.58 pounds, $1,340; 99. Dan Conatser, Tom White, King City, 3, 10.77 pounds; 114. Carlos & Jacob Vasquez, Soledad, 3, 7.97 pounds; 122. Fred Ledesma, Jose Canchola, Soledad, 2, 7.22 pounds; 137. Paul Vertullo, Moorpark, Tyler Clark, Thousand Oaks, 2, 4.54 pounds; 143. Mark Hinson, San Luis Obispo, Stan Sherwin, Atascadero, 1, 3.67 pounds; 155. Whitney Uyeda, Buellton, Mark Scribner, Pismo Beach, 1, 1.96 pounds. W.O.N. tournament

New Melones Lake, near Jamestown, hosted the W.O.N. Bass Tri States Championship Oct. 15 and 16. The Central Coast Anglers of the Year duo from Hollister, Will Duncan and Dylan Waldroop, placed eighth with a weight of 13.36 pounds for five fish. They had the second heaviest fish of the tournament, 8.87 pounds.

The title went to Kevin Burge and Jim Elsea with two limits (10 fish) that weighed 16.11 pounds.

The W.O.N. Bass website did not list winnings. Only 55 teams were entered.

Central Coast teams and their placings were: 16. Jim Keeney, Tom Ryan, Paso Robles, 10 fish, 10.80 pounds; 20. Shawn Lee, Arroyo Grande, Ken Sauret, Paso Robles, 8, 10.44 pounds; 24. Marc Hazuka, Atascadero, Al Rush, Paso Robles, 8, 9.48 pounds; 25. Tim Vaughan, Los Osos, Erik Zillig, Cambria, 8, 8.89 pounds.

W.O.N. Bass is looking for a new Central Coast Region tournament director. Jim Slusher, owner of Jim’s Pro Bass Tackle as well as a Paso Robles sheet metal business, advised that he is too busy to continue in the position.

Angler’s choice 2010-11 opener

The first event on the seven-tourney Angler’s Choice Central Coast agenda begins Saturday at Lopez Lake, Bill Cook, tournament director, announced. Port San Luis Boatyard

Sixty-seven boats were dispatched from the Sports Launch last week. Anglers aboard those vessels caught 51 lingcod, 44 halibut, seven white seabass and six barracuda but no albacore. Three- quarter to full limits were logged three days and half to three quarter limits twice. Virg’s Landing

John Byde of Cambria caught last week’s big fish, a 16-pound lingcod. Other jackpot winners were: Garrett White, Morro Bay, 13-pound ling, Robert Everett, San Bernardino, 9-0 red rockcod, Tom Emmons, Simi Valley, 6-0 ocean whitefish, and Davis Woods, Dinuba, 5-0 lingcod.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 772-1222.

Last week 148 passengers caught 23 lingcod, 437 red rockcod, 694 assorted rockfish, 66 coppers, 80 bolina, one bocaccio, and one ocean whitefish. Patriot Sportfishing

Arroyo Grande’s Joe Torres, the current leader in the sixth-annual lingcod contest with a 20-11 fish caught Oct. 14, had last week’s big fish, too, a 14-13 ling. Other jackpot winners were: Britney Ogden, Visalia, 14-6 ling, Alberto Cortez, Guadalupe, 14-0 ling, Ron Seitz, Templeton, 12-0 ling, Matt Chase, Visalia, 11-8 ling, Rodney Barula, Lompoc, 11-0 ling, Johnny Cash, Fresno, 8-7 barracuda, and Tom Pham, Visalia, 7-0 ling.

The catch by 193 anglers last week included: 31 lingcod, 271 red rockcod, 728 assorted rockfish, 722 bolina, 16 cabezon, and six barracuda.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 595-7200. Central Coast Sportfishing

Michael Huff of Humble, Texas, and Josh DeGama of Morro Bay were jackpot winners last week with catches of lingcod weighing 8 pounds and 7 pounds, respectively.

The catch by 23 passengers included: four lingcod, 85 red rockcod, 88 assorted rockfish, 55 coppers, and six sanddabs.For trip schedules, reservations, call 772-3474 or 704-2084. Santa Margarita Lake

Terry Kahler of Atascadero used a nightcrawler dunked in Murphy’s Bay to catch an 11-9 largemouth Oct. 23. A few redear, bluegill and catfish are being caught, marina manager Sandra Lopez said. Lopez Lake

Recent catches include a 5 ½-pound largemouth and a 1 ½-pound bluegill by Santa Maria anglers. A blue and white crankbait nailed the bass and a Rapala worked for the bluegill. Whale Rock

Only one trout was caught last week. It was an 8-inch rainbow that Ryan Hofstetter caught on worms and promptly released it last Thursday. Six anglers gave it a try. For the 135 days the reservoir has been open for fishing this season, 251 anglers have caught only 24 trout for their efforts.