Fishing Report: Rough going for local anglers at Clear Lake tournament

Just three of the 16 teams from the Central Coast Region placed in the money last weekend at Clear Lake in the Angler’s Choice Tournament of Champions.

But the two San Luis Obispo County duos will be seeking better finishes in the American Bass TOC scheduled Friday and Saturday also at Clear Lake.

Placing fifth and earning a $2,000 check were Atascadero’s Gene Gray and Dusty Kahler. Sixth place and a $1,600 payday went to Arroyo Grande’s Jared Lintner and Nick Salvucci of San Miguel. Only one other tandem that competes in events on SLO County lakes during the regular tournament season placed in the money. The Salinas partnership of Tom Nieto and Chris Rains finished 19th with a weight of 30 pounds for nine fish. It paid $400.

The Bishops — Darrin of Paso Robles and his dad, Del, of Templeton — who were the region’s Anglers of the Year, failed to weigh a fish. Twenty-four other teams had the same fate. The event drew 137 teams.

“Although there are tons of bass in Clear Lake, it is tough fishing if you don’t know where they (fish) are,” Gray said. “On day one of our practice, Dusty and I went to a number of areas where I have caught fish in past tournaments. We didn’t get a bite. Things improved a bit on day two and were some better on our final day of practice.”

Gray and Kahler were in seventh place after day one with a 20.53-pound limit. They had the fifth-heaviest bag on day two. The 22.79-pound limit elevated the team to fifth place with a total weight of 43.32 pounds.

“We only caught 10 fish on Saturday but a storm induced a better bite on Sunday when we caught 30 fish,” Gray said.

Angler’s Choice TOC Top 10, (all 10 fish, 2-Day Limits), Weight, Winnings

1. Pat & Joel Leiser, WD, 48.31 pounds, $35,625; 2. Timothy Venkus, Rodney Brown, ED, 47.47 pounds, $12,500; 3. Dan Dwelle, John Pearl, CL, 47.30 pounds, $4,125; 4. Mark Daniels, Jamond Andrews, WD, 45.56 pounds, $2,500; 5. Gene Gray, Dusty Kahler, Atascadero, 43.32 pounds, $2,000; 6. Jared Lintner, Arroyo Grande, Nick Salvucci, San Miguel, 39.88 pounds, $1,600; 7. Tommy Cardoza, Jason Gellman, CL, 38.66 pounds, $1,400; 8. Armando & Edward Luzuriaga, WD, 38.53 pounds, $1,200; 9. Keith Friesen, Kirk Sakamoto, CV, 38.44 pounds, $1,000; 10. Ron Smith, Ronnie Woodlief, WD, 36.37 pounds, $800.

Day 1, 1st Big Fish, 10.87, Ron Powell, John Karayan, $1,250; 2nd Big Fish, 7.44 pounds, Robert Mansor, Dennis Wainwright, ML, $750; Day 2 1st Big Fish, 7.86 pounds, Timothy Venkus, Rodney Brown, ED, $1,250; 2nd Big Fish, 7.17 pounds, Darrel Masterson, Dean Miller, CV, $1,250. (Region Abbreviations: WD, West Delta; ED, East Delta; CL, Clear Lake; CV, Central Valley; ML, Mother Lode.)


American Bass Association

Gray and Kahler were the Anglers of the Year in the Pacific Coast Region of American Bass. Lintner and Salvucci finished in fourth place. Darrin Bishop will fish this event with his cousin, Dean Miller from Tulare. Miller fished the Angler’s Choice event with another partner. The pair had the second big fish on day two.

Twenty teams from the Pacific Coast Region qualified for the ABA TOC. Bobby Doss, Santa Maria, the region tournament director, is paired with Todd Reccord of Paso Robles.

Other qualifiers are: John White, San Luis Obispo, and Steve Bereda, Santa Margarita; George Stamper, Paso Robles, and Byron Hallett, Templeton; Andrew Broster and Jeff Smith, Atascadero; Sam Sawdey, Paso Robles, and Ralph Sawdey, Shandon; Mark Hinson, San Luis Obispo, and Stan Sherwin, Atascadero; Louis Fernandes, Santa Maria, with Patrick Touey, Nipomo; Dana Chatterly and Ron Morrison of Lompoc; Mark Scribner, Pismo Beach, and Whitney Uyeda, Buellton; Steve Fernandes, Santa Maria, and Mark Pollorena, Buellton; plus Calvin Long and Dean Krambeck from Vandenberg Village.

Albacore update

Last week, 114 boats were dispatched out of the Sports Launch at Port San Luis. Anglers aboard these boats landed 111 albacore. Oct. 13 was the biggest harvest with 61 tuna. None of the tuna were weighed.

Five tuna trips were run out of Patriot Sportfishing. The Pacific Queen had four tuna runs with 95 anglers on board who boated 65 tuna. An Oct. 13 crew trip on the Pacific Horizon with 11 passengers on board returned with 18 longfins. The jackpot was taken by Bob Crizer of Los Osos with a 29-pounder.

For tuna trip schedules and reservations, call 595-7200.

Virg’s Landing had three tuna runs last week. The Fiesta ran two trips with 12 anglers on board on one trip and 11 on the other. Twenty-two tuna were caught, with 20 on the Oct. 15 trip. Jackpot winners were Jim Laswell of Hanford with a 36-pounder and Mike Stmiska of Fresno with a 30-pounder. Nineteen anglers aboard The Admiral drew a blank.

For Virg’s tuna schedule and reservations, call 772-1222.

Port San Luis Boatyard

There was a little bit of everything caught last week topped by 34-pound, 5-ounce halibut weighed by Lou Gheno of Santa Maria on Saturday.

Also caught were 59 halibut, 44 lingcod, 19 barracuda and 8 white seabass. Four white seabass were caught Saturday and Sunday by anglers who were bounce balling for halibut.

New lingcod leaders

There was a major shakeup at the top of Patriot Sportfishing’s sixth-annual Lingcod Contest.

Joe Torres of Arroyo Grande took over the top spot with the catch of a 20-pound, 11-ounce lingcod Oct. 14. He supplanted Bryan Shishido of Lindsay. Shishido had held the lead for only a week with the catch of a 19-pound, 2-ounce lingcod Oct. 8.

Alonso Tamez of Selma reeled in an 18-pound, 7-ounce lingcod Saturday to take over third place. Tanez bumped out three anglers who had caught 18-6 lings. At the conclusion of the contest Nov. 15, first place will be worth $3,000, second place $2,000, and third place $1,000.

Patriot Sportfishing

Other jackpot winners last week included: Jerry Limon, Santa Maria, 18-6 ling; Gary Roberts, West Hills, 17-11 ling; Jerry Mancilla, Bakersfield, 12-6 ling; Tom Coppinger, Diamond Valley,12-0 ling; Alberto Cortez, Guadalupe, 7-0 ling; Steve McPeek, Lompoc, and Ron White, Bakersfield, both 6-0 lings; Jose Rodriguez, Santa Maria, 5-0 ling; Jim Glenn, Santa Maria and Eric Wilson, Atascadero, both 3-0 vermillion.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 595-7200.

The catch by 282 passengers last week included: 74 lingcod, 431 red rockcod, 875 assorted rockfish, 946 bolina, 26 cabezon, and one halibut.

Virg’s Landing

The big fish of the week was a 15-pound lingcod caught by Ray Chavez of Morro Bay.

Other jackpot winners were: Casey Stumpo, Lompoc, and Mike Price, Atascadero, both 8-0 lings; Tami Tidwell, San Fernando, 7-0 ling; Don Russell, Morro Bay, 7-0 red rockcod; and Bryce Hall, Bakersfield, 6-0 ling.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 772-1222.

The catch by 257 rockcod passengers last week included: 24 lingcod, 800 red rockcod, 849 assorted rockfish, 63 bocaccio, 211 coppers, 25 bolina, and one rock sole.

Central Coast Sportfishing

On a 12-hour albacore trip Oct. 14 on the Rita G, 10 passengers caught eight longfins. The jackpot fish was a 32-pounder by Steel Perrett of Santa Maria.

The catch by 25 anglers on a Saturday rockcod trip included: four lingcod, 30 red rockcod, one copper, 35 bolina and 150 assorted rockfish.

For reservations and trip schedules, call 772-3474 or 704-2084.

Santa Margarita Lake

The mayor of Chino — Dennis Yates — a frequent visitor, caught a 2-pound, 12-ounce crappie, a 3-pound bass and catfish while fishing near the marina Saturday and Sunday with crappie jigs and nightcrawlers.

Colin Hutchison of Santa Margarita reeled in an 18-pound catfish. Egon Tiessen of Atascadero bagged a 25-pound catfish using mackerel for bait.

Whale Rock

During last week’s open period — Wednesday through Sunday — the three anglers who gave it a try drew a blank. Twenty-three trout have been caught in the 130 days the reservoir has been open for fishing. The turnout has been 245 anglers.