Fishing Report: Unique fishing duo wins tourney

In Central Coast bass fishing, they are a David and Goliath or Mutt and Jeff tandem.

They stand out because one team member stands 6-foot-4 and tips the scales at 285 pounds. His partner is a diminutive 5-6 and 185 pounds.

Oh, yes, they are winners, too.

Dan Barrios, the hulk of the team, fishes from the bow of his 2005 Legends bass boat while Casey Langley fishes from the rear. One is a finesse fisherman. That’s Barrios. Langley is a power angler.

The duo won for the first time in W.O.N. Bass Central Coast competition Saturday at Nacimiento Lake. The duo won by 51-hundredths of a pound over the team of Neal Franklin of Atascadero and Clay Gates of Paso Robles.

The winners had five spots that weighed 8.97 pounds.

“It was super foggy,” said Barrios, 50. “My GPS came in real handy in negotiating the lake, which was at 19 percent of capacity after recent rains. We fished areas where there were no other boats around and had a limit early. I had success with some chartreuse worms I bought at Oroville the weekend before at the Angler’s Choice TOC (Tournament of Champions).”

While Barrios fished with light line and split shotting and drop shotting, Langley, 28,connected with Zara Spooks and white spinnerbaits.

“One of the larger spotted bass we brought to the scales I caught early on a Spook,” Langley said.

Added Barrios: “We caught 40 to 50 spots but only 30 were legal 13-inchers. Each of us caught approximately the same number of fish.”

Langley, who set the spotted bass record at Nacimiento Lake in November 2006 (5.49 pounds) said: “Fishing got better once the fog lifted around 11 o’clock. Two places we found were particularly productive.”

The team’s winnings of $4,450 included $590 for the second largest fish — 2.18 pounds. San Luis Obispo’s Mark Hinson and Stan Sherwin had the big fish, 2.82 pounds. It paid $1,090. W.O.N. Bass Top 10 (all 5-fish limits), Weight, Winnings — 1. Dan Barrios, San Luis Obispo, Casey Langley, Arroyo Grande, 8.97 pounds, $4,450; 2. Neal Franklin, Atascadero, Clay Gates, Paso Robles, 8.46 pounds, $1,150; 3. Will Duncan, Dylan Waldroop, Salinas, 8.43 pounds, $895; 4. Brian & Steven Grier, Salinas, 7.90 pounds, $690; 5. Jim Keeney, Tom Ryan, Paso Robles, 7.61 pounds, $535; 6. Mark Del Papa, Jim McLaughlin, Bakersfield, 7.60 pounds, $350; 7. Gene Gray, Dusty Kahler, Atascadero, 7.58 pounds, $325; 8. Mark Hinson, Stan Sherwin, San Luis Obispo, 7.54 pounds, $1,390; 9. Josh Brard, Eddie Davidson, Atascadero, 7.51 pounds, $275; 10. Fred & Freddy Ledesma, Soledad, 7.43 pounds.

1st Big Fish, 2.82 pounds, Hinson & Sherwin,$1,090; 2nd Big Fish, 2.18 pounds, Barrios & Langley, $590. Virg’s Landing

The next albacore fishing trip aboard the Pacific Queen, will leave Virg’s at 11 p.m. Friday for fishing Saturday. The fare is $235. Return is between 7 and 8 p.m.

On Monday’s albacore trip, 11 passengers caught three albacore and two bluefin tuna. A Virg’s staffer said the boat was 70 miles out of port, beyond The Donut.

A 15-pound lingcod took jackpot honors on last weekend’s overnight trip aboard the Admiral. Han Choi of Los Angeles made the catch. The 33 passengers caught 8 lingcod, 198 red rockcod, 80 coppers, 1 sheephead and 251 assorted rockfish.

A long range 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. trip will be offered Sunday. The fare is $105.

The next scheduled overnight trip is scheduled for Nov. 7-8. Cost is $205.

Call 772-1222 for albacore and rockcod trip schedules.

On trips from Oct. 11-17, 139 rockcod fishermen caught 4 lingcod, 205 red rockcod, 1,031 assorted rockfish and 85 coppers.

Jackpot winners included Carl Anderson, Visalia, 10-pound ling, Dwane Brannen, Yucca Valley, 8-pound lingcod, Adrian Denig and Jason Mayo, both Bakersfield and both 7-pound red rockcod. Tuna update

Commercial fisherman John Costello, who was fishing for blackcod at the lower end of the Santa Lucia Bank on Monday, reported on fishreports.net: “I saw a bunch of albacore boiling all day about 38 miles from Avila on a 230- degree heading. Most of the fish were in the 15-pound range. The water temp was 59.8 degrees at dawn and 61.2 mid-day.”

Pressed for what the longfins were feeding on, Costello later reported, “They appeared to be feeding on saury.” Tuna Outlook

Here’s Harrell Kimball’s outlook for the weekend:

“The Saturday-Sunday break in the wind is now gone from the forecast. The models indicate another week of wind and surge. It’s nice to know there are still albacore (LFT) sticking around till we get a break in the weather.” Patriot Sportfishing

The fifth-annual lingcod contest ends Nov. 15.

Current standings: 1. Dennis Hyde, Bakersfield, 17-10 ling caught Oct. 9; 2. Leo Davis, Santa Maria, 16-9 Sept. 13; 3. Paul Hendricks, Torrance, 15-7, Sept. 10.Prizes.. First place pays $3,000; 2nd, $2,000; 3rd, $1,000.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 595-7200.

Last week, 96 passengers caught 24 lingcod, 15 red rockcod, 398 assorted rockfish and 280 bolina.Jackpot winners were Dave Pimentel, Grover Beach, 10-8 ling, Ed Clark, Lindsay, 8-0 ling, Dan Rivas, Santa Maria, 7-0 ling, Kelly Nye Lemoore, 3-pound copper, and Augie Garcia, Bakersfield, 3-pound vermillion. Port San Luis Boatyard

Unfavorable ocean boating conditions meant one of the lowest number of launchings of the saltwater fishing season — 36.

Highlights of the catch were 16 lingcod and one halibut. Jason Byrne of Grover Beach was the Whopper of the Week winner with the catch of a 15-pound, 5-ounce lingcod Sunday. Full limits were recorded Oct. 12, half to three-quarter limits twice and half limits twice. No boats were dispatched Oct. 13-14. Santa Margarita Lake

Spaces are still available for Saturday’s Swap Meet. The event is focused on boating, camping and fishing gear. The fee for a space is $15. Set-up time will be from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Swapping is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call the marina at 438-1522 for more details.

Fishing with mackerel for bait, Steve Osburn of Santa Margarita caught 8- and 10-pound bass as well as a 12-pound catfish. Also Saturday, Long Beach’s Joe Martin used crankbaits for a limit of 2- and 3-pound bass. John Howard of Bakersfield and Otis White of Maricopa combined to catch nine catfish. One was a 20-pounder. Leon Nix of Santa Maria caught a 10-pound catfish on mackerel. Lopez Lake

Last week’s rains have meant an 8- to 10-inch rise in the lake, marina operator Jerry Weatherly said.Panfish, both redear and crappie, are the most active species.

A Lopez ranger will lead participants on a three-hour exploration of the High Ridge Trail on Saturday.

Individuals interested in becoming familiar with this trail are to meet at the Wittenberg Arm kiosk at 9 a.m. Hikers should wear sturdy shoes and carry a supply of water. Whale Rock

Only four weeks remain in the fishing season. Last week, no trout were caught for the 16th time out of the 27 weeks the reservoir has been open for fishing. Fifteen anglers drew a goose egg last week. For the year, only 17 trout have been caught. In the 129 days Whale Rock has been open, 288 fishermen have prospected for trout. The season closes Nov. 15.