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New sport for Vancouver Olympics: blogging, vlogging and twittering

Sacramento's two "Olympians" leave Wednesday for the Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their events? Blogging, vlogging and tweeting.

Karl Alexander, 35, and Jeremiah Mayhew, 26 – who call themselves Team Kinetic – are social-media-savvy colleagues who will participate in the Games as Samsung Mobile Explorers.

"We're going for the gold," says Mayhew.

"We're stoked," says Alexander. "We're going there to represent Sacramento."

"We're still giddy," Mayhew adds.

While in Canada, they'll compete against four other Mobile Explorer teams attempting to become Ultimate Mobile Explorers. Along with the title comes a $24,000 grand prize, which they would share, and a yearlong free-lance blogger position with Samsung Electronics, the official wireless-communications sponsor of the Olympics.

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