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Arroyo Grande's Natilee Parrish is The Tribune County Player of the Year for softball

Natilee Parrish hit .494 with a team-high 27 RBI, 22 runs, seven doubles and three home runs for Arroyo Grande High.
Natilee Parrish hit .494 with a team-high 27 RBI, 22 runs, seven doubles and three home runs for Arroyo Grande High. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

It was barely over a year ago that few girls on the Arroyo Grande High softball team knew who Natilee Parrish was.

“When I came and tried out as a freshman, it was kind of like, ‘Oh, who’s the new girl?’ ” she said. “And then they saw me pitching, and everyone started coming over to talk to me.”

These days, the PAC 8 is well aware of what Parrish and a young, potent Eagles lineup is capable of.

Parrish is The Tribune County Player of the Year after hitting.494 with a team-high 27 RBI, 22 runs, seven doubles and three home runs in leading Arroyo Grande to a share of the league title with Righetti.

The second straight sophomore to win the award after Atascadero’s Sally Bowles in 2014, Parrish was one of six Eagles 10th-graders to land on the PAC 8 All-League teams.

“I picked most of them up as freshmen on the varsity team, and it was just a learning year,” coach John Welch said. “We were going to build this program; I didn’t think it’d happen as quick as it did.

“A coach is only as good as his horses, and man, we’ve got a whole bunch of stallions on this team.”

Parrish made her varsity debut as both a pitcher and hitter her freshman year. She was 2-6 in the circle with a 4.23 ERA and 37 strikeouts in 54 2-3 innings. She also hit .268 with nine RBI and two homers as the Eagles went 9-16 and finished fifth in the PAC 7.

She primarily played at first base this season, filling a need at the position while fellow sophomore Julie Lewis handled the pitching duties for the majority of the league season.

“It was frustrating at first, because I thought that was because I wasn’t good enough and that’s something that’s never happened to me before,” said Parrish, who plays club softball for the OC Batbusters in Los Angeles. “I finally sat down with one of my coaches, and Mariah (Cochiolo) told me I’m a great pitcher but they needed me at first. It’s not always what’s best for you, it’s what’s best for the team. That’s when it kind of hit me that not everything is to benefit one person. We’re a team.”

Her efforts at first base didn’t go unnoticed, either.

“The one thing they don’t track,” Welch said, “is how many times she saved an error where the ball was thrown low and she was digging it, or she was jumping and tagging the girl as she went by.”

Added Cochiolo, a first-year assistant who played catcher at Cal Poly: “She made our bad throws look really good.”

At the plate, a focused approach helped the left-hander get a hit nearly half the times she stepped up to bat.

“I just had a lot of confidence going up to the plate,” said Parrish, who hopes to play for Cal Poly or another Division I school, “telling myself that I was going to hit and then I would do it.

“Softball is anywhere from 70-90 percent mental. So if mentally you have it, you’re pretty much good.”

Parrish hit third in a lineup that scored 7.2 runs a game in the league season en route to a 10-2 record in the PAC 8.

“Anything she takes deep into the outfield, she’s on third standing,” said Cochiolo of Parrish, who hit four triples.

“She can lay down a bunt as well as put it over the fence, and that type of versatility is killer to have.”

Parrish was one of three sophomores to homer in Arroyo Grande’s 12-0 opening-round win over Arlington in the CIF-Southern Section Division 2 playoffs — the Eagles’ first playoff win since 2011.

The victory earned Arroyo Grande a contest with Mission Viejo, which MaxPreps.com rated as the No. 1 team in the nation.

“It was interesting,” Parrish said of the 10-0 defeat. “Of course we knew it was going to be hard the farther we went in the playoffs, but we never thought they would be that good.

“It kind of knocked us off our high horse, but that’s not always a bad thing.”

It was a learning experience, and Parrish and her fellow sophomores have two more years to apply the lesson.

“Natilee is the type that in a game or practice is going to push the envelope and go full speed every day,” Cochiolo said. “The way she played, her style and her competitiveness, inspired the other girls and raised the level for the whole team.”


Player of the Year: Natilee Parrish, Arroyo Grande, sophomore

First Team

  • Sally Bowles, Atascadero, junior
  • Chloe Kerns, Paso Robles, junior
  • Julie Lewis, Arroyo Grande, sophomore
  • Fallon Molnar, Morro Bay, junior
  • Katie Murphee, Templeton, freshman
  • Logan Nunes, Arroyo Grande, sophomore
  • Sam Oliver, Arroyo Grande, sophomore
  • Marissa Piatt, San Luis Obispo, sophomore
  • Saundra Renner, Nipomo, senior
  • Jenna Rogers, Paso Robles, senior
  • Jessica Rouse, Atascadero, senior

Second Team

  • Kacie Burger, Arroyo Grande, sophomore
  • Kathleen Cline, Templeton, freshman
  • Sami Good, San Luis Obispo, junior
  • Kaila Herzig, Atascadero, junior
  • Bailey Killough, Arroyo Grande, junior
  • Ellie Magnuson, Coast Union, junior
  • Madison Romero, Paso Robles, senior
  • Kendall Schemmer, Morro Bay, sophomore
  • Rebecca Twyman, Paso Robles, freshman
  • Sarah Wulff, Atascadero, sophomore
  • Sabina Ybarra, San Luis Obispo, senior

Honorable Mention

  • Gennae Abatti, Nipomo, sophomore
  • Sidney Barlogio, Templeton, junior
  • Patty Bucio, Coast Union, senior
  • Roni Garrison, Coastal Christian, senior
  • Hope Goodall, Nipomo, sophomore
  • Ashley Ingle, Templeton, freshman
  • Taylor Merrill, Morro Bay, sophomore
  • Hannah Murphy, San Luis Obispo, junior
  • Alex Newsom, Atascadero, senior
  • Ashley Ramirez, Coast Union, junior
  • Alexcia Silva, Arroyo Grande, senior


  • 1981    Cari Furness    Arroyo Grande    Sr.
  • 1982    Missy Silacci    Morro Bay    So.
  • 1983    Christy Fiscalini    Coast Union    Sr.
  • 1984    Missy Silacci    Morro Bay    Sr.
  • 1985    Lori Atwell    Morro Bay    Sr.
  • 1986    Debbie Sligh    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 1987    Mary Lou Branham    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 1988    Carolynn Blake    Paso Robles    Sr.
  • 1989    Cheryl Towery    Coastal Christian    So.
  • 1990    Jessica Allen    San Luis Obispo    So.
  • 1991    Kathy Blake    Paso Robles    Sr.
  • 1992    Cynthia Barnett    Templeton    Sr.
  • 1993    Tara Thompson    Atascadero    Jr.
  • 1994    Tara Thompson    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 1995    Kristina Von Achen    Arroyo Grande    Sr.
  • 1996    Cori Ryan    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 1997    Shawna Robinson    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 1998    Tiffany Goudy    Paso Robles    Sr.
  • 1999    Kelli White    Templeton    Sr.
  • 2000    Kara Dixon    Morro Bay    Jr.
  • 2001    Kara Dixon    Morro Bay    Sr.
  • 2002    Nina Van Alfen    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 2003    Katie Burkhart    San Luis Obispo    Jr.
  • 2004    Katie Burkhart    San Luis Obispo    Sr.
  • 2005    Lindsay Campana    Templeton    Sr.
  • 2006     Kat Hicks     Templeton                                So.
  • 2007    Jill McClelland    Templeton    Jr.
  • 2008    Michelle Moses    Paso Robles    Sr.
  • 2009     Kim Dauer    Morro Bay    Sr.
  • 2010    Jill Johnson    Atascadero    Jr.
  • 2011     Jill Compton    Arroyo Grande    Jr.
  • 2012     Jessi Hufstetler    Atascadero    Sr.
  • 2013    Courtney Cuzick    Nipomo    Sr.
  • 2014    Sally Bowles    Atascadero    So.
  • 2015    Natilee Parrish    Arroyo Grande    So.