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Greer will be back as Morro Bay's football coach

As speculation and rumors about when Morro Bay High would hire a new football coach began to swirl throughout the program and the community, newly retired Jack Greer could not stand idly by.

Greer returned to the post he held the past two seasons after a short-lived retirement that began at the end of December.

“What was happening was there was a lot of uncertainty among the football players, the parents and even the community,” said Greer, who spent more than two decades on the Pirates coaching staff. “I thought it was unfair to the students and parents to go an entire summer, so I made the decision to come back.”

Greer said a replacement had been chosen, but a staffing issue caused a delay in the process and eventually led to the deal falling through. The district is looking for an on-site coach, said Greer, who is a physical education teacher at Morro Bay, and a position could not be matched with the perspective coach.

“With my announcement, I want to bring stability,” Greer said. “I want to right the ship.” Athletic director John Andree told the The Tribune via email on Thursday that Greer will resume his coaching duties, but did not return calls seeking further comment.

Greer said he needs to completely rebuild his coaching staff after the majority had to walk away because of other work commitments.

“I just want to get going this year,” Greer said, before he and newly hired principal Kyle Pruitt will re-evaluate the program’s coaching future, adding “I’m not saying it’s one and done.”

Greer commended the job interim coach Robert Ellithorpe did “maintaining the foundation” in the five months he was gone, but as a walk-on coach, Ellithorpe did not qualify for the permanent position.

The Pirates went 15-8 in the first two seasons Greer was head coach, including a second-place finish in the Los Padres League last year with a 5-1 league record.

After Morro Bay fell 28-7 to Buena in the opening round of the CIF-Southern Section Western Division playoffs, Greer told school officials and the team he was stepping down to spend more time with family.

“I know mentally and physically the toll it’s going to take, but the reason I coach is for the love of the players,” he said. “Watching them grow on the field; I do miss that. I miss that camaraderie, and develop-ing those great relationships.

“Once I get back on the field, I’m going to be the old Jack Greer.”