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Atascadero forced to forfeit softball games

The Atascadero High softball team has been sanctioned by the CIF because one of its players falsified a residence filing, claiming she and her family lived within the school district boundaries when they did not, according to Atascadero athletic director Sam DeRose.

All of the Greyhound's eight wins up until April 10 have been vacated by the CIF as a penalty for the falsification, which was reported by school district officials to the CIF. 

April 10 was the day that the player was first kept out of competition as school officials investigated concerns raised about where she actually lived. 

Atascadero had been tied for third in the PAC 7 with a 3-3 record, but now the Greyhounds drop to sixth with a 1-5 record with six league games remaining. 

The Greyhounds were 9-7 overall with eight of the wins coming before April 10. Their new mark is 1-15. 

DeRose said the student filed the change of address in the fall to a residence within the school district’s boundaries to be able to attend Atascadero High. The paperwork was initially verified by school officials and the CIF.

But after concerns about the validity of the residence were brought to the attention of school officials during the season, a district investigation was undertaken which confirmed that a violation had occurred, DeRose said. 

The school district isn’t naming the player and won’t get into her role on the team because she is a minor.

Last year’s Atascadero softball team was 25-4 and 10-2 in the PAC 7 and won the league championship. 

The CIF sanctions only apply to softball and don’t affect any other Atascadero High sport.

“Once we became aware of the concerns, she was kept out of competition until the matter could be looked into further,” DeRose said.