Cal Poly

Wright knows how to hurt Cal Poly's football team

UC Davis quarterback Randy Wright is facing some heat from the local fanbase.

Late in last week’s 12-8 loss to South Dakota State, the junior quarterback was sacked for a 9-yard loss and lost his helmet. That prompted Aggies head coach Bob Biggs to bring in backup London Lacy, who led the final two drives of the game.

Does that mean Wright will be benched coming into tonight’s game with Cal Poly?

Not so, Biggs said.

“London is an excellent thrower,” Biggs said. “He hasn’t had enough reps and is not making reads as quickly, and that’s where Randy excels.

“Two years ago, (Wright) was just flying by the seat of his pants and just relying on his athletic ability and what he saw. Now I think he has a much better understanding of defenses, coverages, tendencies and all the things that start to slow the game down for the quarterback, and with that comes confidence, and so he’s playing with more confidence and knows what he wants to do with the ball.”

Wright has made a career in Cal Poly’s eyes of carving up the Mustangs.

In 2010, he led the shocking 21-20 comeback victory, passing for 302 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winner in the final minute.

Last season, while passing for 203 yards and a touchdown, he controlled the game from the beginning.

“He’s just getting better with age,” Cal Poly head coach Tim Walsh said. “If you look at what he’s done to us the last couple of years, that’s scary what he could do to us.

“He’s a good football player that’s a tough guy, and I think he’s a good leader and has all the intangibles that UC Davis is looking for at quarterback.”