SLO man wins age division at Wildflower

Van McCarty of San Luis Obispo was his age group winner in the Wildflower amateur Long Course Triathlon on Saturday.

McCarty, racing in the men's 35-39 age group, finished the 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run in 4 hours, 41 minutes, 50 seconds. He finished ninth overall out of 1,400 competitors.

McCarty finished about 1 1/2 minutes faster than the second-place finisher in his age group.

Saturday's Wildflower Triathlons also included a 1.4-mile swim, 9.7-mile bike and 2-mile run Mountain Bike Triathlon.

Local runners who finished in the top 10 of their respective age groups:

In the boys 10-and-under division, Charlie Watkins, 9, from Arroyo Grande, was the only racer in the age group. He finished in 1:25:40.

Thomas Nason, 12, from Atascadero, was fourth in his age group (boys 11-12), finishing in 1:39:44.

In the men's 17-19 division, Atascadero¹s Michael Murphy, 19, finished second (1:07:11) and Jake Clinite, 19, finished fifth (1:21:26).San Luis Obispo's Bryan Esterly, 24, crossed the finish line in 1:17:02 to claim seventh in the men¹s 20-24 age division.

Roy Worthen, 28, from San Luis Obispo, placed third (1:05:25) racing in the men's 25-29 age group.

In the men's 30-34 age group, Doug Carscaden, 31, from San Luis Obispo, was second (1:04:32); Eric Jenssen, 34, from Arroyo Grande, was fifth (1:05:21) and Scott Ritter, 31, from San Luis Obispo, was eighth (1:07:36).

Steve Sharp, 38, from San Luis Obispo, was fourth in his age group (men 35-39), finishing in 1:01:42.

In the men's 45-49 age group, Martin Ponek, 49, from Atascadero, was second (1:11:18); Mike Clinite, 48, from Atascadero, was fourth (1:11:49) and Richard Murphy, 45, from Atascadero, was 10th (1:21:29).

Daniel Inlow, 53, from San Luis Obispo, finished in 1:36:05 to claim ninth in the men's 50-54 age group.

In the men¹s 55-59 group, Gregory Slane, 57, from Atascadero, was sixth (1:47:31).

Dan Malone, 61, from Nipomo, was fifth in the men¹s 60-64 age group after finishing in 1:29:39.

In the girls 11-12 division, Anna Chaffee, 11, from Arroyo Grande, was third (1:30:06).

In the girls 15-16 age group, Arroyo Grande's Piper Watkins, 15, was first (1:14:25); Molly Summers was second (1:18:32) and Katie Lewis was third (1:19:00).

Corina Glover, 23, from Atascadero, was 10th in the women's 20-24 age division, finishing in 1:32:20.

In the women's 25-29 division, Jean Petersen, 28, from Arroyo Grande, was third (1:13:06); Alison Rush, 27, from San Luis Obispo, was sixth (1:18:01) and Lia Bettinelli, 25, from San Luis Obispo, was ninth (1:21:54).

Mary Ann Riley, 31, from San Luis Obispo, was sixth in the women's 30-34 age group in 1:15:27.

Sandra Stratman, 41, from Paso Robles, finished the women¹s 40-44 age group race in 1:19:13 to claim sixth place.

In the women's 45-49 division, Meleah Chaffee, 46, from Arroyo Grande, was third (1:21:19).

Cindy Himmelrich, 55, from Atascadero, was sixth (1:51:39) in the women's 55-59 age group.

Kathy Borland, 60, from San Luis Obispo, placed fifth in the women¹s 60-64 age group, finishing in 2:06:44.