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You can help make free clinic

Oops, it’s May 6: Time to check the bin marked “Your Karma Ran Over my Dogma and Other Mewsings.”

First up is Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center internist who has set his sights on opening a free clinic in San Luis Obispo.

Ahmad, if you recall in an April 8 column, had diagnosed a need for a clinic that would treat the uninsured or underinsured for free. Yes, free.

Toward that end, he’s secured an office at 1428 Phillips Lane, Suite B4, and has perhaps as many as 300 doctors, nurses and others volunteering to help make his dream a reality. If all goes according to plan, he will open his doors this fall.

But (it seems there’s always a but) he needs two things before he can get rolling: First, funds for his annual rent and for lab service fees; second, a clinic manager who can oversee setting up and running the office.

On the first note, tax-deductible donations to his 501(c)(3) can be sent through his website at www.slonoorfoundation.org.

On the second, if you can volunteer some time as a clinic manager, call Ahmad at 748-8369.

As the Dalai Lama notes: If you want others to be happy, practice compassion; if you want to be happy, practice compassion.

That bit of advice not only fits Ahmad in his quest to help the less fortunate, but it also marks the path of the Rev. Cynthia Rae Easton and her mission to ease the weight on homeless families and survivors of domestic violence.

As noted in a Jan. 8 column, Cynthia has organized a group of “Earth Angels,” who knit caps, scarves and sweaters for children in shelters. To date, they’ve created hundreds of items, and, thanks to the Rev. Harriet Linville of St. Peter’s by-the-Sea in Morro Bay, it looks like the group is on a roll for creating yet more knitted pieces to mend small spirits.

Harriet read about Cynthia and her cause, Common Ground Worldwide, and her church is donating boxes of yarn.

“This is especially wonderful news,” says Cynthia, “as we are nearly out of yarn and, as I may have mentioned, we went through 450 skeins of yarn last year. It looks like we will be exceeding that number this year.”

In addition to the Earth Angels and knitted clothes for children, Cynthia’s nonprofit 501(c)(3) Common Ground Worldwide builds bookcases and stocks them with inspirational books, which she donates to shelters. She, too, can use your help.

To donate new books or funds for bookcases and shipping costs, contact her at www.commonground worldwide.org.

In the wake of last Saturday’s column on religious images found in food products, Phil Bauman of Morro Bay wrote, “Today I sliced open a bagel and found Moses inside. Now try to explain that one away!”

Hmmm. I don’t know, Phil. Tough call. Not too much detail here. You might fetch $3,000 on eBay, but that’s just an estimate.

Finally, in the interest of ratcheting down the fear, loathing and noise levels that have become cultural staples these days, chew on the following bumper sticker: “More wag, less bark.”

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