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Infuriating Revenue Spending

As we immerse ourselves in that most joyous of seasons, tax time, here are a few examples of how well the government is spending our hard-earned bucks. Pencils ready?

Chuck Shepherd, in our Feb. 4 Ticket “News of the Weird,” wrote: “A USA Today analysis revealed that during the first 18 months of the recent recession, beginning December 2007, the number of federal employees with six-figure salaries shot up from 14 percent of the federal workforce to 19 percent. … The average federal salary is $71,206, compared with the private sector’s $40,331.”

Well, there you have it. Small wonder that a New York Times/CBS News poll released last week found that only 8 percent of Americans say that current members of Congress deserve re-election.

It’s all rather taxing, no?