Letters to the Editor

Nuclear energy haters are no better than Salem’s witch hunters

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.
Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Long-term haters of nuclear power have joined PG&E to propose closure of Diablo Canyon.

For our families and our planet, we must stop them.

Nuclear fear-peddlers, like women of long-ago Salem, Massachusetts, are prepared to have innocent people die to placate evil spirits they claim to see. Nuclear witch hunters have nearly zero evidence of the dangers they see in their visions. So they stoke people’s fear by inventing stories of what they claim “might” happen.

Fossil fuel, not nuclear, is killing millions yearly, according to scientists.

But it’s worse than that. Fearmongers, by blocking nuclear energy, are enabling eventual destruction of all life on earth. We desperately need a very large, clean power source like nuclear to quickly ramp up and replace deadly fossil fuel.

Sixty-five years into the nuclear age, mass accidents predicted by the doomsayers have not happened.

Our large nuclear U.S. Navy has operated safely since 1954. A study published in Forbes showed nuclear is actually the safest of all power generating means.

It is time to shut down not reactors but nuclear witch hunters.

Contact all your government representatives. Demand they stop listening to hysterical echoes of long-ago Salem, and save us and our children and grandchildren with proven clean nuclear power before it is too late.

William Gloege, Santa Maria