Letters to the Editor

Cunningham’s commitment to local business belongs in the Assembly


I was fortunate enough to meet Jordan Cunningham through one of the on-campus clubs at Cal Poly. As an MBA candidate due to graduate in 2017, I am able to understand many of the problems that our local and small businesses face in California. Outside of classes, I can personally relate to the struggles as I am the daughter of two small-business owners, and I am on my way to starting my own small business.

Between taxes and insurance, it is becoming expensive for small- and local-business owners to hire employees. As an owner of his own small business, Jordan, too, is able to understand and relate with the many costly issues that small and local businesses face.

In Jordan Cunningham’s 50 local businesses in 50 business days tour, he has demonstrated his passion to support the small and local businesses in our community. He is focused on job creation by supporting growth for small and local businesses and not by supporting the agenda of special-interest groups. This is why we need Jordan Cunningham as our state assemblyman.

Amanda Stallman, Santa Margarita