Letters to the Editor

Thanks to CHP officer who went extra mile to help motorist

Big shoutout to Officer Charlie McMichael of the Templeton office of the CHP for retrieving a notebook computer that was lost as I entered Highway 101 South at Spring Street on Aug. 13. I inadvertently left the notebook on top of my car, and as I reached highway speed I saw it fly off my car and cartwheel down the freeway behind me, finally going under the guardrail and partway down the steep hillside toward the northbound lanes.

If I had seen the computer “blow apart,” I could just replace the device. But since that didn’t happen, I was worried about someone finding it and having access to credit card and account password information, so I called the CHP for help.

Officer McMichael responded and spent some time walking that steep hillside between the south and northbound lanes, finally finding that wayward notebook in the dirt and weeds. He walked back to where I was parked, and with a smile as he handed the computer to me through the car window, he said, “It still comes on!”

Wow! What a testament to how far these guys will go to help out in unlikely situations! Thank you, Officer McMichael!

David Walters, Paso Robles