Letters to the Editor

Democrats commit classless acts

Recently the community organizer, Barack Hussein Obama — who has put the Middle East in total turmoil and given us the worst economic recovery since 1949 — while standing next to the leader of Singapore said that the man poised to take over his job was “unfit to serve as president.” This shows Obama has no class, as there is no way John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan or the Bushes would ever publicly say such a thing.

Bill Clinton was found to have engaged in sexual acts with a young intern while in the White House. Had this happened to any CEO, he would have been fired or forced to resign. However, Clinton is revered by many Democrats. No class.

No one can deny that Hillary Clinton is a stranger to the truth, from saying she had to dodge sniper fire when landing in Kosovo (never happened) to the FBI director testifying Hillary was not telling the truth when questioned about her handling of sensitive emails. Absolutely no class and what example is this sending to our children?

Ralph Bush, Arroyo Grande