Letters to the Editor

Morro Bay shouldn’t contract out its police department

The possible proposal to eliminate the Morro Bay Police Department as reported by KSBY on July 20 needs to be put aside.

If we residents of Morro Bay end up depending on San Luis Obispo County for our police protection, we will not get the same level of support in either response time or dedicated service.

We will be depending on an entity that is not bound to our needs over those of others. We will likely not see any reduction in cost, as the county will have to charge for the provided services.

If that cost is not paid by the city of Morro Bay, then the county will charge the residents through other means, such as taxes.

As I understand things, that cost is the reason the city wants to cut the service. We citizens of Morro Bay will end up paying for less coverage and support while the city claims a savings.

This is not an ideal situation from my point of view. If the city of Morro Bay needs to save a few dollars now, eliminate the positions of those who support this folly.

Rick Young, Morro Bay