Letters to the Editor

Phillips 66 rail spur project would be an unnecessary burden


On July 9, as I stood at the rally to stop the Phillips 66 rail spur project, listening to the mayor of Mosier, Oregon, talk about the repercussions of the recent oil train derailment, I was struck by several post-derailment problems the town is experiencing:

1. Oil-soaked soil, which will take months or years to clean up.

2. Diminished real estate values because of contaminated soil and the public perception that this was the town where the oil train derailed.

3. Depletion of the town budget attributable to the fact that the area, as well as the fire and police departments, was tied up for weeks.

4. The fact that the town, and for that matter the towns through which these oil trains travel, derive no benefit from these oil companies.

5. Despite finding severely rusted bolts all along the track, the oil trains continue to go through Mosier. Talk about a stick in the eye?

It is not a matter of if the oil trains detail, it is a matter of when. Do we really need to be burdened with a huge potential financial and human cost without any benefit?

Robert Tuman, San Luis Obispo