Letters to the Editor

Poorly timed analysis of police shootings

The night after one of the most horrendous slaughters of our men and women in blue, and you run the article “Killings by police on the rise in U.S.” in a font almost as large as your newspaper logo?

Today, the officers who protect us and ensure peaceful gatherings need our gratitude, not The Tribune’s poorly timed, insensitive tabloid-esque analysis.

Without our officers, our country would be in more chaos than it already is. I fear for our officers, I fear for our safety.

Peace has no color. Protection and safety have no color. Security has no color. The pain of death has no color. The worry of those of us who know and love an officer has no color.

For the sake of public safety and the safety of those who risk their lives daily to protect us, a call for more prudence in what you print — especially the morning after a horrible ambush has taken place — is necessary. A call to prayer, a moment of silence, a request to thank a cop for putting their life on the line would be more appropriate than what you chose to print.

Lisa Everett, Atascadero