Letters to the Editor

Take a stand against Phillips 66 while we still can


I live in southeastern San Luis Obispo — two blocks from the railroad tracks — and am opposed to Phillips 66’s plan to build an oil train terminal at its refinery on Nipomo Mesa.

I do not want crude oil trains coming by my neighborhood three to five times per week (or more). In June, a crude oil train derailed and caught fire in Mosier, Oregon.

I just learned that Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns will be in San Luis Obispo for a rally and march protesting

Phillips 66’s plan.

The rally is Saturday at 12:30 p.m. at Mitchell Park.

Two years ago, Mosier passed a resolution saying it wanted no oil trains coming through town. The federal government and Union Pacific ignored them and did it anyway. Mosier did not have a choice.

We do. Say “No” to the oil train terminal in

San Luis Obispo County.

Mary Peracca,

San Luis Obispo