Letters to the Editor

Laws surrounding cycling aren’t that hard to understand

Kathe Tanner attempted to clarify the 3 Feet for Safety Act by contacting local law enforcement (Column, “Cyclists on narrow roads create difficult decisions,” June 22).

It seems no one has actually read the law!

If 3 feet is not available, the driver must slow to a safe speed and pass the cyclist safely.

Experienced cyclists do not have a problem with vehicles in close proximity — as long as they do it slowly. There is no legal requirement for an absolute passing clearance of 3 feet!

I am also amazed at the number of people (including law enforcement) who think there is a law that cyclists ride single file. I challenge anyone to find this in the vehicle code, as it does not exist!

When approaching cyclists from the rear, the best practice is to slow, light tap on the horn (from a long way back) and pass when safe to do so at a safe speed.

(Just for information: I am an avid cyclist who has 27 years of experience in traffic law enforcement.)

Chris Black, San Luis Obispo