Letters to the Editor

At least conservatives have their heads screwed on right

Tom Fulks Tribune columnist
Tom Fulks Tribune columnist dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

In response to Tom Fulks’ Viewpoint: “SLO County Democrats are strong for Bernie, but slow to rally for local liberal candidates,” June 18.

Tom, your progressive friends — our youths and women being the most prominent among them — tend to vote on emotion and nothing more.

The Bernie Sanders vote was spiked by emotional fools whose direction in life is dubious, disconcerting and most worrisome — recklessly stupid in all matters concerning the preservation of freedom in America.

Now, sir, if you can come up with a formula to get the aforementioned voters to be emotional about our local, liberal zombie politicians, who, shackled by their low office (thank God) can promise little more than no growth (which equates to no jobs), it would be tantamount to the accomplishment the Wright brothers enjoyed.

We conservatives vote with consideration, deliberation and common sense. Most importantly, we vote sans the emotion whipped up by liberal candidates’ faux promises — promises that, if honored, would break our country.

Good luck with your cat herding, buddy. Oh, and Tom, the shirt and cargo shorts — I know it’s hard, but they gotta go.

Mike Morgan, Los Osos