Letters to the Editor

Not another four years of Debbie Arnold

Debbie Arnold, the incumbent 5th District San Luis Obispo County supervisor, claims 100 years of ranching heritage and her family operates a sizable ranch in the Pozo area. As a rancher (and politician) one would naturally imagine that she would maintain a large rural political base and be capable of assisting small-property owners experiencing major water distress.

However, statistics for the Paso Robles groundwater basin show that the most numerous rural properties are less than 5 acres, generally residential and too small to be farmed economically. But their wells have generally been the first casualties of unregulated water use by irrigated agriculture and the extended drought. These hard-pressed residents of District 5 naturally look first to their county supervisor to lead the way toward preventive and corrective solutions, but this leadership has been sorely lacking.

This failure of District 5 leadership is primarily due to Ms. Arnold’s inability to work cooperatively with the other supervisors to develop permanent water strategies and controls. Instead, under the guise of conservatism, she has consistently impeded any practical long-term solutions to achieving groundwater sustainability over the county.

Her constituents cannot tolerate another four years of inaction, hence enough: not another four years!

William and Ellen Frost, Paso Robles