Letters to the Editor

Dawn Ortiz-Legg would be a voice for people in SLO County

After years of voting Republican for our Assembly seat, and now disheartened by current craziness on the political scene, I am voting for Dawn Ortiz-Legg for Assembly.

She is the one who can most effectively represent all the varied individuals that comprise our district.

Dawn proved adept at uniting differing factions and finding common ground while working on local large-scale energy projects. She reached understanding with ranchers, farmers, landowners, local businesses, tradespeople, government regulators and residents. She is an advocate of sensible fiscal policies that benefit business owners and employees alike. She is a quick study and knowledgeable about issues like water, education, transportation, environmental balance and job creation. That is who we need in Sacramento — someone who will thoughtfully listen to many different sides and find acceptable solutions.

The leadership in Sacramento is not going to change any time soon. Why not send a completely capable, articulate person who happens to be a Democrat to the Assembly to argue for the issues important to us? Dawn will be able to communicate with state leaders who will not be available to a Republican attorney. With Dawn Ortiz-Legg, we will have a voice that Sacramento might actually hear.

Laura Mullen, San Luis Obispo