Letters to the Editor

Don’t let dirty tricks keep you from voting for Salud Carbajal

So, dirty tricks are part of Republican tactics in the race for Congress: those lurid postcards sent by Republicans that look like something a casino might send. The ones trying to trick Bernie Sanders’s voters into casting their congressional vote for William Ostrander or Helene Schneider without thinking too long.

So now we know the Republicans don’t want us to vote for Salud Carbajal. They want us to split the vote three ways so they can have two Republicans on the November ballot.

They’re cheesy postcards — rather laughable echoes of Nixon-era dirty tricks, but don’t let Republicans have the last laugh.

Ostrander and Schneider would both make good representatives. But we need to keep Lois Capps’ seat in the House of Representatives, and Republicans know Carbajal has the best chance of doing that. Please think before you vote.

Bob Anderson, San Luis Obispo