Letters to the Editor

Burn Measure C-16 before it burns Cayucos

Self-paid volunteer fire protection is no longer viable. Voters, be aware that C-16, the measure for fully paid service indicates one unit is $125. What the ballot does not tell you is that this would become a $500 tax per household, annually.

This is not an all or nothing situation. San Luis Obispo County provides fire protection to county areas. With our continued current fire tax contribution totally designated to Cayucos, our equipment infrastructure and mutual aid agreements we can continue to have good fire and emergency protection with county cooperation. County cities are having a difficult time providing services because of continued cost increases. I wish we could fund local police and fire, but we are a county area and not a city simply because we do not have the tax base. With a huge sewer liability coming up, it is not financially feasible nor necessary to tax ourselves an extra million yearly to shoulder the entire burden of fire protection. C-16 is not practical.

Steve Robinson, Cayucos