Letters to the Editor

How much does Goodwill CEO need in order to live comfortably?

The San Luis Obispo Goodwill thrift store.
The San Luis Obispo Goodwill thrift store. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I read the article about the Goodwill Central Coast CEO’s pay increase (April 28), and it started my wheels turning. Most all of us have the intention to do good things for others and ourselves. But it is interesting how the intention, the dream we use to accomplish something great in our lives, becomes skewed when money is involved.

Businesses deserve to make a profit for their work. Leaders should be rewarded for their performance. The question I ask myself is how much do I need to live comfortably? The answers change over a lifetime and are different for each of us. I wonder if executives ask themselves that question at each plateau. The view changes with each plateau we reach.

Our economy is in another cycle. Real estate is a good example. With the shortage of homes to sell, price increases are similar to the market before the real estate bust. Due to the shortage of rentals, the rental market demand has increased above affordability for the average family. I shop at Goodwill occasionally to support what they do, but who knows — maybe shopping there will be unaffordable in the future!

Jim Lovato, Paso Robles