Letters to the Editor

Israeli water solutions won’t defeat California’s red tape

Thank you for reporting on the recent presentation by Seth M. Siegel on Israel’s model for smart water usage (“Israeli water solutions can help world, author says at Cal Poly,” April 7). I attended the presentation, which was excellent, but it is apparent that Israel does not have an unelected body, like the California Coastal Commission, which has taken a phrase from Nancy Reagan, who used to say, “Just Say No!”

Treating sewage and effluent currently discharging to the Pacific Ocean is an excellent idea for combating the drought, because millions gallons of clarified water is discharged annually to the Pacific Ocean from California and has been for some time. And I thought the oceans were rising because the ice caps were melting!

There were many students in the audience, who I believe were really excited about the prospect of addressing the drought. But no mention was made of all hurdles in our way by the federal, state and county governmental regulatory agencies. I would have thought that the public servants who were in attendance — and similarly excited by the prospects of addressing the drought — would have at least stated that they were committed to cutting the red tape to move forward.

Colin Wigglesworth, Arroyo Grande