Letters to the Editor

Debbie Peterson would fight for us as SLO County supervisor


Your article (“SLO County Board of Supervisors District 3 race heats up,” April 10) confirms what we’ve all been seeing and hearing online, on social media and on the radio — Adam Hill and Dan Carpenter have been going after each other like roosters in a ring. I don’t know if it’s a male thing or a partisan thing, but it is most definitely an unpleasant thing.

But the third candidate, Debbie Peterson, has been campaigning with class. She’s sharing her background, her experience and her positions on the important issues of the day — all of which are substantial. The contrast is crystal clear.

While the two guys are duking it out, Peterson is telling voters why she should be elected and how she would govern if that comes to be. The concept of someone fighting for us instead of fighting for ideological control is refreshing and should be rewarded with our votes.

Michael Byrd, Arroyo Grande