Letters to the Editor

Liberals have no middle ground

Regarding Phil Dirkx’s column “Trump’s Muslim ban laced with racism and hysteria”: We must remember our past mistakes, but we must live in the here and now. We’ve learned that the internment of Japanese-Americans in 1941 was not the best decision, and we don’t want to repeat that mistake. However, the Japanese attacked us without provocation. Personal and national communication was nowhere near the sophisticated level it is today. There was reason to be wary. Maybe at the time internment was the best decision. We must not be constrained by the past. Any action or inaction today will not mitigate past actions.

The situation is much different today. There is a middle-ground approach. We have an enemy that has sworn to destroy us. The NSA has the technology to listen in on electronic communication; why not start by targeting Sunni Muslims who have overstayed their visas or by some other action that came to the attention of Homeland Security? No one is put in an internment camp or prevented from entering this country. Crimes or other intelligence can be dealt with individually. Arrest warrants can be obtained quickly, as the probable cause was detailed in the initial search warrant to eavesdrop.

The point is that the politically correct and liberal base see things as either full left or full right. They don’t have a middle ground.

John Gajdos, Morro Bay