Letters to the Editor

Cal Poly should consider satellite campuses

The Tribune

I think it would be great if Cal Poly San Luis Obispo opened a satellite campus in Santa Maria. Many local students cannot afford to go away for college or have family obligations that don’t allow them to move. Another campus could offer four to five common majors and would allow Cal Poly to have more space at the main campus for out-of-area students.

Another good reason to have a campus in Santa Maria is to make getting to college easier for students who don’t have cars. The bus system from South County and Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo is long and has a lot of connections. Having a campus in Santa Maria would make it easier for those in South County and in the Santa Maria area to take the bus to a university. To test this out, Cal Poly could offer a few select majors at Allan Hancock College first to see whether there is enough demand. Already many CSUs have satellite campuses. CSU Bakersfield has a satellite campus in Palmdale. CSU San Diego also has a satellite campus in the Imperial Valley.

David Pecci, Pismo Beach