Letters to the Editor

Psychiatric hospital is too big for Templeton

As a Templeton resident who read the four-day series of articles relating to the proposed psychiatric hospital, I’ve noted the recurring choice to show pictures of the proposed site taken from the exact same position thereby attempting to (minimize?) the fact that the site is several hundred yards directly in front of Vineyard Creek where 41 new homes are to be built.

I also wonder why it hasn’t been mentioned that there is exactly one single sidewalk / “cattle chute” that allows pedestrians access between East Templeton and West Templeton on Las Tablas Road, with the only other nearest pedestrian access between east and west Templeton 1.07 miles away. (But all released patients will have a ride home, right?)

Let’s talk facts about several similarly-sized psychiatric care facilities found in California cities and counties.

Sonoma County population: 493,285

Santa Rosa population: 174,170

San Diego County population: 3.3 million

San Diego population: 1.3 million

Ventura County population: 846,178

Ventura population: 106,433

Alameda County population: 1.579 million

Fremont: 214,089

Now, let’s look at Templeton:

San Luis Obispo County population: 276,443

Templeton: 7,700

What’s wrong with this picture? Why is this project even being considered in Templeton?

Jeri Luther, Templeton