Letters to the Editor

Sycamore Crest Trail needs public parking

The Tribune’s Nov. 27 article on recommended hikes in San Luis Obispo County (“5 ways to enjoy the outdoors this weekend in SLO County”) included the Sycamore Crest Trail. By saying the distance is 1.75 miles, you assume you can park in the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort parking lot. I have a Sierra Club outing group where I teach people how to use trekking poles effectively. The Sycamore Crest Trail is ideal for this.

The last time I led there, as we passed the hotel office, the manager came out and said he would tow any car not belonging to a hotel resident and that he had done so in the past. Sure enough, I counted more than 10 signs around the parking lot warning that cars of nonresidents would be towed.

This is interesting in that the trail is in the coastal zone, and the state Coastal Commission guarantees public access to coastal trails. I have stopped leading hikes there and warn others to do so until someone brings legal action to designate parking spaces for hikers.

David Georgi, Shell Beach