Letters to the Editor

Society and SLO County can restore women’s self-respect

SLO County women face serious challenges” (Nov. 20) — but so do women nationally and globally. The challenges listed by the Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County’s Women’s Legacy Fund seem more self-induced than those faced by women throughout history. Far too many women nowadays depend upon pills, hormones, hair dyes, botox/laser/silicone treatments/implants and other devices. Is it surprising that they suffer chronic sadness and a lack of self-esteem, which the report concludes is “at the root of a lot of the problems”?

The ability to be true to one’s essence, to one’s values, to one’s inner voice, independent of any attempt to live up to others’ expectations — these things constitute self-respect. Society and San Luis Obispo County can restore women’s self-respect by supporting the unique life-giving capacity of women, by providing them with the resources and health care they need that is life-giving and life-loving.

Genevieve Czech, San Luis Obispo