Letters to the Editor

Tom Fulks’ column is political hate speech

Tom Fulks’ Sunday column ( “The unpleasant truth about the GOP,” Oct. 25) is best characterized as political hate speech. Only a hater would describe people who have read and understand the Constitution — who believe government should live within the Constitution — as radical.

When you start with the philosophy that only big government and top-down solutions work, it’s hard to have an open mind or even hear out solutions that do not involve government coercion of his fellow citizens.

Tom seems to despise liberty and freedom. He believes liberties are issued like driver’s licenses by government and we should be thankful for whatever liberties we get. Tom is a leader on the road to serfdom.

To Tom, what government and its supporters say are fact! Fiction, to Tom, is honest, consensus-driven, local solutions that respect everyone’s constitutional rights.

Why does a column that is primarily insults, mischaracterizations, distortions and smears of political opponents get printed? It does not conform to the paper’s guidelines for civility and language usage.

Sharliss Ferris, San Luis Obispo