Letters to the Editor

Compton, Arnold stuck in old ways of thinking

Re: “Supervisors OK strict water conservation plan,” Oct. 27:

This is a good start to the sustainable management of our limited water resources. Thank you to the three supervisors who voted in favor.

Supervisor Debbie Arnold, who voted against this measure, suggests in her comments that water conservation regulations may hurt small agriculture and impinge on property rights. Her concern comes a bit too late — the unregulated use of our county’s water resources has already done this.

Supervisor Lynn Compton says implementing conservation measures today should take a backseat to the years it would take to develop more water storage capacity. Why not start doing something now, Supervisor Compton? Why wait years for some uncertain project? Today is the time, not years from now.

Both of these supervisors are stuck in old ways of thinking about water management: that it is a plentiful resource and free for the taking.

Heidi Petersen, Santa Margarita